What is IoT hardware?

what is iot hardware?

The IoT hardware definition is very simple, it refers to the physical devices and components that make up an IoT system. These devices can be sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, devices for routing. Think of components that are in charge of security, communication (like IoT protocols) over the internet and with other devices, activating the IoT ecosystem, and data collection.

IoT hardware examples

People usually ask, where can I find IoT hardware? Well, you can find it in products that can collect metrics. This is one of the reasons why IoT is important, since this technology includes sensors that play a key role in IoT hardware. They can collect data from the physical environment such as: temperature, humidity, motion, light, noise, pressure and more.

The data collected by these elements is then processed and analyzed by microcontrollers, which are small computer systems that can be embedded into IoT devices.

You can see microcontrollers in devices such as cameras, smartphones, washing machines, smart home systems, among others.

IoT hardware providers

Remember IoT hardware encompasses sensors, low-power boards, microcontrollers, and single-board processors. In fact, we want to mention some great companies that provide hardware kits for IoT.

Raspberry Pi

They offer great products that allow people to get involved in electronic product development. They have a single board based computer that runs on Linux. It is very useful for prototyping applications that are not too big. In fact, we are partners of Raspberry Pi.

By using IoT hardware from Raspberry Pi, you get a good chance to develop a proof of concept.


This company is well-known in the prototyping area. They offer several open-source development kits, software tools, sensors, and microcontrollers. All these elements are essential for designing and developing IoT devices.

Arduino offers boards that work perfectly for prototyping, They also offer interesting boards like MKR that bring wireless communication integrated and are a good option for developing IoT products.


They offer IoT hardware applications for Bluetooth and WIFI that are low energy consuming. Espressif is very popular thanks to their ESP8266 and ESP32 chips, as well as modules, and development boards
is well known for its low energy consuming IoT hardware applications for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Espressif is popular for its processors, modules, and production boards series ESP826. Most industry-wide development boards are working on Espressif chipset.

Their boards are commonly used for basic prototyping, but they can also be used for more advanced solutions.

We hope this short article helps you understand what IoT hardware is, and how it is in charge of making your IoT devices work. If you want to develop your own IoT project, we invite you to book a free consultation with DeepSea Developments.

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