5 benefits of electronic product design for your company or startup

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A great electronic product design would benefit your business, since you can show potential investors how necessary your product will be for the market. In this article, we will show you 5 benefits of electronic product design: custom PCB, debug and improve, production cost estimation, market acceptance, attracts investors.

What is electronic product design?

Before we go deeper into the benefits, you should know that electronic product design refers to the entire structure and all the components that make a product work from the technological aspect. For example: Lights, connections, chips, screens, micro controllers, PCB (Printed circuit board), firmware (Learn more about Firmware vs software), and RF systems.

When building a prototype, it is necessary to give electronic product design and development the spot number one in attention and functionality. If you are planning to launch a new device, it needs to be perfectly designed to give the customer the best performance.

A good electronic design will guarantee durability and quality of the product. Instead, a poor design could affect the sales and trust of the market in your business. You can either hire outsourcing product development services, or trust your engineering team to carry out the electronic product design.  

Electronic product designing benefits

1. Custom PCB

electronic product design
Custom PCB – electronics product design benefit

The PCB is the main purpose of the electronic product design process, because it is the map or layout of the different electronic components your prototype will have to ensure it works according to its purpose.

Once the PCB (see PCB benefits) is designed and it shows excellent results in different tests, you could ask the electronic design firm to produce more PCB intending to assemble more prototypes to check its performance with a few potential customers.

Remember, the smaller the product you want to produce, the longer it will take to create a PCB, since the components need to be smaller. The same applies if your product needs wireless connectivity or to handle large amounts of energy.

Electronic product design and manufacturing won’t be an obstacle to reach any market. In fact, having a designed PCB will allow you to replicate your creation anywhere in the world.

2. Debug and improve

The physical design of your idea may be a problem for the circuits, connections and wires layout.

That’s why the electronics hardware design comes first when it refers to a prototype, because the engineers can prove the technical viability of your business idea. Many tests can show what layout is better for the electronic performance and for the functionality of the proposed prototype.

Once trial and error give sufficient data, the electronic design can be improved in favor of the final prototype.

3. Production cost estimation

A business idea sounds great on paper, but it is different when it is taken to practice. Getting the electronic design for your product will show a manufacturing cost estimate, since you have to consider the PCB production, its assembly, the final product assembly, testing, packaging, scrap rate, logistics and warehousing.

Once you do the math of the mass production, you will identify the best sale price for your new product, the cost of inventory, you will realize whether your business idea is profitable or not.

4. Market acceptance

Today’s consumer differs from the one of 20 years ago. In the past, products were manufactured and delivered worldwide without hesitation or rejection from the market. Nowadays, consumers are more aware of the products they buy and of how they affect the environment.

No matter how amazing your business idea is, if it needs a specific material your potential clients won’t accept because of its implications on nature, you may have to reconsider your idea.

On the other hand, let’s say your requirements for the electronic prototype may need special components that are scarce or difficult to get. This is something that can affect your business in the midterm. So, consider the pros and cons of entering the market with those conditions.

The above does not mean you should back up and give up on your idea. A good electronic design firm may suggest other options that are profitable for you. Consider those recommendations, since they will improve the acceptance of your business idea.

5. A good electronic product attracts investors

electronics hardware design in DeepSea Developments

Let’s face it, electronics design consultancy can’t be made by any company. As an entrepreneur, your budget is sacred and needs to be well invested. Contact companies that have experience in electronic product design, mainly, that have developed successful products you can research and evaluate.

Not only you need an optimal electronic product design, you also require a nice enclosure that makes your product look attractive and easy to use. This can be done, for example, using a 3D printing machine.

Take into account you also need engineers that can create a physical design that will be made with injection molds (for the mass production). The final electronic design needs to fit perfectly in the final version of your business idea. Once you have a functional prototype ready, you could schedule meetings with investors and show them your product.

Do you need an electronic design company?

DeepSea Developments
has experience in hardware design services, IoT product development consultancy, building PCB, performing proof of concept, and improving the electronics distribution over the previous designs. For example, we built a special camera called TermoDeep. It is a device to measure in real-time the body temperature of people that access buildings, offices or factories.

This product is one of many we have built, where we have been able to deliver quality and outstanding performance, because we did our best to get a great electronic product design for each one of them.

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