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Discover our portable charger for charging your EV on-the-go. Lightweight and compact, they’re designed to keep your vehicle powered up wherever you go.


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DeepSea Developments - EV charging solutions

Customer challenge

How to innovate in a new business model with a full solution for electric vehicles, including charge point operator and smart charging.

Our solution

A platform that visualizes telemetry data, generates alerts and notifications and displays useful reports regarding the operation and management of the chargers.

Understanding the product's edge

The market is getting full of portable electric chargers. Most advanced ones have an app to give you statistics on the charging.

Where is the edge on this product?

In the firmware. It gives us the versatility of configuring in different ways and exploring business models that goes beyond just selling the chargers. The control over the hardware and how it’s made, allow us to iterate applications like:

Smart charging

Having several chargers connected into the same infrastructure (a building, for example) and managing the charging without overloading the infrastructure taking into account additional data like current state of charge (battery level), behavior of the owner, or electricity cost.

Landlord - Tenant issue

 Tenant has an EV in a condo. Wants to charge it there, but the landlord does not want to provide the infrastructure (220V socket) for a level 2 charger, or forbids the tenant to connect to regular 110V sockets (level 1 charger). Allowing to have the control over the charge, Mubon EV charger can allow a model where the landlord has an additional income for every time the tenants charge their vehicle, incentivizing the installation of the infrastructure, and having a fair deal for the EV owner.

What the customer said

Michael Arroyave

E-Mobility Leader Celsia S.A. E.S.P.

"Thanks to this solution we evaluated real-time operations, knowing its costs and the telemetry variables of the vehicles. Also, we could check the battery performance, avoiding wear and replacement costs."

Never be caught powerless again—empower your devices on-the-go with our sleek portable charger. Stay connected, stay charged, wherever life takes you.

Technical aspects of our Mubon Portable Charger

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