You can meet with us, share your ideas or requirements you have for it. Our first objective is to do some iterative cycles of development and testing until we have a functional prototype of the first version of your idea. That will allow us to move forward to more advanced phases, or even to get your final golden sample to mass production, but these are the first steps.

You can contact us via phone (650 761 2043), email ([email protected]) or click here. Once you tell us your requirements for the project, we will be able to give you a quote within 1-3 business days.

It is difficult to give you an exact number, since every prototype that we develop has different components, design, and characteristics. We can give you an estimate when we have the first meeting, that will help you to be clear about the costs. The time to build the functional prototype also depends on how complex (or developed) your idea is, it could take weeks or months.

This is a starting point that will allow us to test your idea faster and build a functional prototype. We take care of the electronics and hardware components of your project. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, inventor, designer or a mechanical engineer, we will team up with you to help you finish your idea or prototype.

Yes to all. You can send us your physical prototype to review it. You can work with us to improve it by adding new features, or just adding upgrades. On the other hand, we could even redesign it from scratch, e.g. with reverse engineering.

The budget will vary on every project, we can’t give you a number without knowing what technology your prototype will have. We can schedule a meeting to forecast the necessary budget and the time to have your advanced prototype ready.


We work using scrum methodology, this consists of a project management system that relies on incremental development. We perform weekly iterations and meetings. Each sprint aims to build the most important features, that is, you will have a functional prototype in a short time.

Each one of the projects we develop has a product owner, who is in charge of the fulfillment of project requirements. The product owner will maximize your product’s value by managing and optimizing the product backlog.

You can establish weekly meetings with us from the planning phase, or you choose another frequency you feel comfortable with. You can be in constant touch with us to check the changes and advances of your project.

There are different communication tools you could use to be in touch with us, also, these will allow you to keep track of your project: Notion (a wiki where the knowledge of the project is centralized); Discord (online chat platform to have continuous communication between teams); Gitlab (source code of the development – hardware and firmware); Google Drive (for large files, or for sharing some specific files); Email (we value this communication channel for constant communication). If you have other platforms you may like to use for being in touch with us, let us know.

Depending on the service you hired (design and hardware development, embedded firmware, app development, rapid prototyping, expert consulting), you will receive different deliverables:

  • Source files of the prototype.
  • Engineering manual.
  • Source code, firmware, software, apks, etc.
  • If you also need app development with DeepSea Developments, we will build it and upload it to the different stores or to the cloud.
  • Realistic renders of the prototype.
  • One physical prototype or the amount you ordered.
  • Documentation of the investigation process.

If your prototype is an IoT device, you will receive the Prototype microcontroller code (Gitlab). The prototype Bill Of Materials (BOM). Schematics and manufacturing files of the prototype electronics.

During the execution of the project we work with Fedex, which has delivery times of 3 to 5 days depending on the client’s location.

We have great experience with IoT devices in different sectors like consumer electronics, mobility, industrial IoT, healthcare, among others. You can rely on us to build your hardware and the software that will interact with it.

DeepSea Developments works with the best practices to guarantee the quality of your final project. We use agile methodologies. Good innovation practices. We carry out testing and debugging sessions to guarantee the quality of the device’s source code. Also, it is worth mentioning we develop our projects with IPC Standards for the design, assembly and manufacturing of PCB (electronic boards).

You pay monthly for the engineering hours invested in the creation of your prototype.
We receive different payment methods:

– Wire transfer
– PayPal or Stripe for credit cards

Yes, we always sign an NDA agreement. Even for the first consultancy we can sign it. If you have an NDA of your own that you would like to use, we can work with it.

With the use of the NDA agreement, all people that work with DeepSea Developments are committed to protect your confidentiality. We deeply care for your ideas.

Most of the clients also protect their intellectual property through provisional patenting.

We have expertise in consumer electronics and mobility. We have developed many devices and prototypes for consumer electronics, mobility, industrial IoT and healthcare.

For example, in mobility, we developed a portable charger for electric cars. In consumer electronics, we created a living hub device. Also, we developed a solar storage device for industrial IoT. In the healthcare industry, we made an important upgrade of a device for attending patients with PTSD.

Our work philosophy, along with a great team that adds 150 years of experience, allowed DeepSea Developments to be recognized as the Top 1 in IoT. We have completed over 50 successful projects. Also, we have more than 20 clients from 5 countries, mainly the US.

We can give you 4 reasons to choose DeepSea Developments.

1. Reliability: You receive what we promise while keeping your ideas safe.
2. Time to market: We deliver timely results. We work hard to validate your idea ahd have your prototype ready in a short time.
3. Communication: We ensure full transparency so you always know what is happening with your project.
4. Partnership: We are a long-term partner that cares about your business and its growth. You get the best advice possible to improve your business model and product quality.

Yes, schedule a 30-minutes free call with us here, or pay for a specialized 2h IoT consulting for products.

Yes, we developed devices that have accumulated more than 5 million dollars in sales in the market.

Our address is 974 Commercial Street, Suite 108, Palo Alto, CA 94303.