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Do you need electronic hardware design? Bring your idea or project to DeepSea Developments. Get top hardware design services to develop or improve your hardware product with a solid technical team.

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Do you need electronic hardware design?

Hardware Design

Many projects take too long to reach the market because entrepreneurs and companies don’t know where to start or how to design the hardware product entirely.

When you hire DeepSea Developments, you have a top hardware design company that can help you get the best outcome for your hardware product development.

We offer you the talent of featured engineers with strong knowledge in electronics design, proof of concept, schematics

design, bill of materials, assembly, and manufacturing.

Among our Hardware Design Services, we can help you test your idea through small-batch manufacturing. This process is helpful for quickly validating the functionality of the hardware design and PCB board.

Custom Hardware

Our hardware design services start with a kickoff, that is, a first meeting with the work team and the project manager that will be in charge of the custom hardware design of your device.

We will present to you the hardware project planning, and we will carry out specific research to validate your idea and the technological components it needs to be functional.

Our Hardware
Design Firm

You can get a render of your device with our industrial designers, that way you will have an idea of what your finished hardware product will look like. This high-quality render can be a good strategy for validating your idea with early adopters or investors.

Once you agree with the delivery times, our expert hardware engineers will start working on research, microcontrollers, and design of your PCB. We try to provide the best embedded hardware design services.

Our hardware design firm
Hardware prototyping


Once the design process is finished, we advance to a crucial step of the project development, which is hardware prototyping. 

We need to confirm your product provides a seamless user experience. The expert team of our hardware development company will perform several tests with a functional prototype of your device. The results will show which features are working well and adding value to your product.

Prototyping Development

This part of the process will guarantee that your device works. Hardware development companies know how important it is to build devices that will perform well for a long time. At DeepSea Developments, we are experts at building and developing hardware; great electronic hardware design makes your device more exclusive, original, and appealing.

hardware prototyping development

Software and Hardware Development Company

Our development team will build and integrate
Embedded Software or Firmware into your hardware. With the embedded hardware development service you will receive:

Embedded software (firmware) architecture & development.

Embedded Linux programming (scripting in bash, C, and Python).

Embedded programming of microcontrollers using C. We have worked with Atmel’s AVR and SAM family, ST’s STM32, Esperessif’s ESP32, and Microchip’s PIC.

We are
hardware manufacturers

Once your hardware design and development are finished, you can either decide to show this version to potential investors or continue with the manufacturing process.

Our engineering team will also provide you with the electronic design of your hardware product, assembling steps, and connections.

We can produce from 1 to 2,000 units at a low cost. DeepSea Developments will give you some suggestions on the different components you can use for your product.

Our Hardware Development Timeline

Deepsea Developments has a clear and reliable hardware design development life cycle. Through scrum methodology and agile processes, there are incremental improvements every week.

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Ken Tarlow

Ken Tarlow

Tarlow Design

“I've used DeepSea for several projects now and I have a positive experience with all of them. I was impressed by the easy communication, ...

Eric Nicholson

Eric Nicholson

Tingle Bear

I'm extremely satisfied with DeepSea. They're a very intelligent and talented group of people. Also very polite and easy to work with. I'm pleased with the services...

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Erika Steel

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Ken Tarlow

Ken Tarlow

Tarlow Design

“I've used DeepSea for several projects now and I have a positive experience with all of them. I was impressed by the easy communication, even though we’re a distance apart, that I was able to reach key people in the organization within hours, something within minutes, and get things clarified or resolved. That was a concern of mine since I wasn’t sure we could work in such a distance and still make it happen, but they did. The quality of work is top-notch. We have software, graphics, and electronic design work, and all was done in a timely fashion. 

I plan to use DeepSea in the future for other projects that involve electronics design, embedded software design, and user interface. They did a beautiful job with our touch screen for an ice cream machine that we designed. They did the whole user interface which worked flawlessly. I give them thumbs up and they can count on getting some business from us in the future. Thanks a lot.”

Eric Nicholson

Eric Nicholson

Door Robotics

I'm extremely satisfied with DeepSea. They're a very intelligent and talented group of people. Also very polite and easy to work with. I'm pleased with the services and I recommend them to anyone with electronics engineering and apps development needs. They've helped me to develop the engineering work including electrical, electronics, and an app, from a concept to reality.