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Elevate your vision with our electronic product development expertise

Bring your ideas, and we’ll handle firmware, prototype, and IoT design and development.


Benefits of our electronic product design services

  • Get a smooth and intuitive interface to enhance user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Optimal functionality, delivering reliable performance.
  • Make your project stand out in the market and attract more customers.
Electronic product development company - hardware

design and development

We help you with the quick roll-out of your innovative products in response to new market opportunities and every-day-changing customer demands. Be a leader in your industry.

Electronic product developers - IoT products

IoT product
development services

We analyze and build your IoT solution hardware components, firmware, platform, apps & cloud strategy. Every aspect is covered by an expert team.

Fast prototyping and

Build an iterative prototype from your ideas, confirming your hypothesis, testing technical and market feasibility, raising funds and most importantly getting feedback from real end-users.

electronic product developers - firmware services

design and development

Get the best embedded software development service for your hardware or IoT device with a talented team.

Get electronic

Get a customized prototype ready for clients and investors in a short time. Confirm the feasibility of your project with cost-effective electronic prototyping services.


DeepSea Developments is a design partner of Raspberry Pi
DeepSea Developments partners - Microchip
DeepSea Developments partners - Arduino Pro
DeepSea Developments partners - InnoPhase IoT

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Erika Steel

Chief Marketing Officer


Ken Tarlow

Tarlow Design

“I've used DeepSea for several projects now and I have a positive experience with all of them. I was impressed by the easy communication, even though we’re a distance apart, that I was able to reach key people in the organization within hours, something within minutes, and get things clarified or resolved. That was a concern of mine since I wasn’t sure we could work in such a distance and still make it happen, but they did. The quality of work is top-notch. We have software, graphics, and electronic design work, and all was done in a timely fashion. 

I plan to use DeepSea in the future for other projects that involve electronics design, embedded software design, and user interface. They did a beautiful job with our touch screen for an ice cream machine that we designed. They did the whole user interface which worked flawlessly. I give them thumbs up and they can count on getting some business from us in the future. Thanks a lot.”

Michael Arroyave

Celsia S.A. E.S.P.

“Talking about the service level of DeepSea, we’re very excited about the quick response, quality level, and final results, all we have requested from them. Initially was hardware development of electronics boards for electric vehicles, additional smart devices, then firmware and updates, and finally software like monitoring platforms. All of them are on the market and are working pretty well for several months. I think it is a great development team that provides solutions, and our relationship is a success so far.”

Eric Nicholson

Tingle Bear

I'm extremely satisfied with DeepSea. They're a very intelligent and talented group of people. Also very polite and easy to work with. I'm pleased with the services and I recommend them to anyone with electronics engineering and apps development needs. They've helped me to develop the engineering work including electrical, electronics, and an app, from a concept to reality.