3 Ways Healthcare Solutions Can Improve Your Quality of Life

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Healthcare solutions are constantly evolving, with the aim of improving patient outcomes and making medical care more efficient. Besides, these solutions, which often rely on IoT (see importance of IoT), can improve the quality of life of people in general.

What are healthcare solutions?

Healthcare solutions are products, pieces of hardware, and IoT devices that are built with the intention of helping patients to improve their medical treatments; these products count on sensors, chips (ESP32 explained), custom firmware, and apps.

Healthcare solutions are useful for clinics and hospitals, since these devices reduce the risk of accidents or keep a proper monitoring of their patients’ health conditions at home.

1. Healthcare solution for temperature monitoring

One innovation that is gaining traction in the healthcare industry is the use of thermal cameras. These devices use infrared technology to detect and measure the heat that is radiated from a patient’s body, allowing healthcare professionals to identify abnormalities or patterns that could indicate an underlying health issue.

Thermal cameras have a wide range of potential applications in healthcare:

  • Detection and monitoring of infectious diseases
  • The identification of skin disorders
  • Assessment of blood flow and circulation
  • Monitoring the temperature of electric components

Also, it is worth mentioning that thermal cameras can help to detect any gas leaks, and even contribute to safe transportation at night when the roads are completely dark.

There are several thermal camera uses to check. IoT in healthcare is growing fast, and companies are taking advantage of that.

How do you come up with great healthcare device solutions?

Electronic prototyping services are the key to building healthcare solutions that become a priority for businesses and individuals.

At DeepSea Developments we developed Termodeep (see Rapid prototyping). This healthcare solution is designed to provide quick and contactless identification for accessing buildings and offices.

People who rely on thermal cameras can feel comfortable because they can identify if somebody is around their homes at night, or maybe a person has an infectious disease or fever issues, and prevent that person from entering the house. Even with the thermal imaging, people in their homes can identify if there are any gas leaks and make the corresponding corrections as soon as possible to avoid accidents.

Healthcare solutions - DeepSea Developments product
Healthcare solutions – DeepSea Developments product

Developing IoT devices as healthcare solutions is not too complex. The best of all is, this innovative device is easy to use and provides fast and accurate results, making it an essential tool for any organization looking to prioritize the health and safety of its stakeholders.

2. Healthcare solution for improving medication

Medication management can be a challenge for many patients and people who are constantly multi-tasking. On the other hand, there are people who are taking multiple medications or have complex dosing schedules.

It may be easy when the patients are in the hospital, and the nurses are monitoring them (how IoT works in healthcare). But what happens when the patients are at home?

One solution to this problem is the use of an automatic pill dispenser, which can help patients stay on track with their medications and avoid missed doses.

One innovative pill dispenser that is gaining popularity in the IoT market (see IoT devices examples) is the kind that activates automatically and sends an alert for remembering the patient about the proper time for taking the medicine. These devices can be programmed to dispense medication at specific times, and can also send alerts to the patient’s smartphone or other device to remind them when it is time to take their medication.

healthcare solutions - pill dispenser
Healthcare solutions – Pill dispenser

Pill dispensers can help patients avoid complications and hospitalizations, particularly in cases where missing a dose could have serious consequences. They can also be particularly useful for patients with conditions such as dementia or Parkinson’s disease, who may have difficulty remembering to take their medication on their own.

Our role in the healthcare device solution

We participated in the creation of this healthcare solution. Using cutting-edge firmware and software (see firmware vs software), this modular system counts on an intuitive LCD screen and touch screen interface. Its control system is based on Raspberry, allowing for seamless peripheral control of audio, LCD, and remote control features. Meanwhile, the Arduino-based control of the system’s motors and actuators ensures accurate and reliable medication dispensing.

Best of all, this pill dispenser is battery-operated, making it easy to use and maintain. With its great design and advanced features, this pill dispenser is a game-changer for those who need to manage their medications with ease and efficiency.

3. Healthcare solution for treating mental issues

There are many startups hiring healthcare development services for building solutions that can help to reduce disturbances of cognition, emotion regulation, and changes in an individual’s behavior.

We have seen blankets, devices, and even teddy bears that help people in these aspects. It is a great application of psychology in the healthcare market. Imagine all things that could be done for dealing with anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

For instance, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious mental health condition that can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life. While traditional treatments such as medication and therapy can be effective, they may not work for everyone. Fortunately, there are innovative healthcare device solutions that are being developed to treat PTSD and other mental health conditions.

There are even promising devices that are relying on virtual reality to help patients learn to manage their symptoms. These devices provide a virtual environment in which patients and people can practice coping skills and relaxation techniques, while sensors on their body measure their heart rate, breathing, and other physiological responses.

Turning an analog device into a modern healthcare device solution


healthcare device solutions
Healthcare solution -PTSD device

We transformed an analog product aimed for PTSD treatment into a smart medical device through medical prototyping. We developed the embedded software for remote controllers and communications, and we synced all the wireless devices to one another.

The idea with this new health care solution was to provide a better user experience with tactile screens and wireless peripherals. Also, healthcare providers can offer their patients a treatment for PTSD that is both modern and effective.

There are more healthcare solutions that are generating a great impact on people. For instance, there are also IoT wearable devices that provide useful information to their users, and they can monitor their vitals throughout the day.

If you are thinking of developing healthcare solutions, you can count on DeepSea Developments for this task. As you could see, our expertise in the healthcare market and our services as IoT product design and development consultants allow us to deliver outstanding results to our clients.

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