What is IoT platform?

what is iot platform?

An IoT platform can be an on-premises software or cloud service that allows to connect IoT devices with data networks. In other words, the IoT platform provides web-scale capabilities to collect data, secure connectivity, and manage the IoT sensing functionalities. IoT platforms allow to manage, enable, monitor and deactivate a device.

If you already know the importance of IoT, you are probably working on developing a new project related to the internet of things. And it is crucial to understand that an IoT device requires specific IoT platforms to work properly.

What are the different types of IoT platforms?

The Internet of Things Platforms can be divided into different segments, depending on the features they provide.

  • IoT device platforms
  • IoT cloud platforms
  • IoT connectivity platforms
  • IoT Device Management Platforms
  • IoT analytics platforms

IoT device platforms

This Internet of Things platform is useful for providing the necessary hardware components to build an IoT device.

IoT cloud platforms

This IoT platform has the necessary infrastructure to create a stable IoT system, in other words, it allows to store all the backend processes and collected data in one place.

A big advantage of IoT cloud platforms is their scalability. They can start with small projects, and grow as big as needed.

IoT connectivity platforms

Your IoT device needs to be online, and this platform of IoT allows to set all networking configurations for the device. They make good use of IoT protocols, hardware, wi-fi connections, and firmware to make any IoT project work without problems.

IoT Device Management Platforms

Some platforms for IoT also allow the management of devices. Through this platform, the people in charge can make sure the device is protected from hackers, that it is online and working without issues. Also, there can be firmware updates, data monitoring, and regular check ups.

IoT analytics platforms

This Internet of Things platform is perfect for processing big amounts of information. IoT analytics usually integrates the use of statistical models, machine learning, data science, and AI. This type of platform is specialized in data processing for the making of decisions in big industries.

Maybe these platforms for IoT may sound a little confusing, in fact, there are a lot of them that offer mixed functionalities for the sake of setting up the IoT ecosystem. You Can count on DeepSea Developments for IoT product development consulting, and thus, solve any doubts you may have regarding your IoT project.

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