How many IoT devices are there?

how many IoT devices are there

If you are reading this article, probably you know the meaning of IoT, and this is a market that is growing exponentially nowadays. It is hard to have a precise number of how many IoT devices there are, but we can show some estimations for this. As of 2022, it is estimated that there are around 13.14 billion IoT devices in the world. There are also some projections from 2023 to 2030. The data provided here has been taken from statista. For example, people want to know how many IoT devices will be in the market by 2025, but we can’t confirm the exact number, however, it is estimated to be 19 billion devices in the world.

  • 2023 – 15.14 billion
  • 2024 – 17.08 billion
  • 2025 – 19.08 billion
  • 2026 – 21.09 billion
  • 2027 – 23.14 billion
  • 2028 – 22.51 billion
  • 2029 – 27.31 billion
  • 2030 – 29.42 billion

IoT devices are very popular nowadays, and they are being used in a wide range of applications: smart homes, connected cars, IIoT, ehealth, home automation, smart energy, smart agriculture, smart waste management, fitness, logistics, smart retail, asset tracking, among others. The increasing adoption of IoT technologies across different industries and sectors is driving the growth of IoT devices.

Why has this adoption been so high?

One of the main reasons why IoT devices are growing that much in many countries is due to the possibility of automating different processes and tasks. People now rely a lot on technology, and this behavior will continue to expand across the world.

On the other hand, IoT devices also contribute to collecting data, which can be a more difficult task if made by human interaction. Thanks to IoT sensors, hardware and new applications, companies and people can have instant access to the collected data, and then analyze it according to their needs.

Why should you care about the internet of things number of devices

If you are a startup, entrepreneur or company, it is important to understand how the IoT market is evolving and take advantage of the opportunities for hiring IoT product development services.

Stanford University and Avast published a study where they found that 66% of homes in North America have at least one IoT device, this is a high number compared to other countries in the world.

Imagine all the opportunities you could have with your company or business if you decide to develop a new IoT device for the American market.

You can try to compete in any market related to the Internet of Things, you can start thinking of many IoT ideas and implement them with a good engineering team.

The idea is to get inspired with good prototype examples and get your team ready to develop them.

The downside of so many IoT devices

There is an increasing uncomfortness around IoT devices, and it is that almost every device needs a subscription to a membership, whether for accessing vip features, or for guaranteeing connectivity to other devices.

So, it is important to consider the opinions of the consumers, since it won’t be nice to pay for over 5 different subscriptions in the same home to be able to connect the different IoT devices, or to get interesting data from each piece of hardware.

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