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Technology has advanced to a level where people can build almost any device in a short time, connect it to the Internet, and make it work communicating highly valuable data to the cloud, these are called IoT devices. In this article, we will show you some examples of an IoT project and how you can develop it.

If you have used your cellphone to watch videos, an app for tracking your delivery, or checked your burned calories in your smartwatch during a training session in the gym. You are using IoT products. However, these are not the only IoT solutions you can find in the market. Before we go deeper into it, let’s see what is the definition of IoT (Internet of Things).

What is IoT?

The IoT definition you find on the Internet is usually abstract and complex to understand. We could say in a few words that the IoT comprises any object that can be connected to the Internet.

Is that it? Well, yes. IoT products make our lives easier. Information is the new gold, and any data you can gather from your physical activities, industrial machines, or package distribution will be helpful.

As you can see, IoT projects are born thanks to the capacity of current technologies and the different industries where they are used. This era is characterized by the speed of communication and constant connection.

If you are considering developing an Internet of Things project, it is because you understand the importance of IoT. Also, you need to identify where it fits, since you can find many applications for IoT.

IoT applications

IoT applications or industries that DeepSea Developments could serve

The Internet of Things means smart devices, and these devices fall into some specific categories.
1. Data gathering through sensors.
2. Make a device work through information that can be sent from a software or app.
3. A device that can do the last two things.

The previous aspects will define what kind of IoT technologies you are going to use to build your project. Also, some popular areas are being explored nowadays: Smart Home, Wearables, Smart City, Smart Grid, Industrial IoT, Connected Car, Connected Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Supply Chain, Smart Farming.

What are IoT devices?

These refer to hardware, sensors, or machines that have included software programming and can connect to the Internet to transmit relevant information.

In other words, your laptop is an IoT device, but if you want to know other examples, imagine security systems that can protect your home, and you control them from your mobile. Another example can be biometric scanners that allow you to enter your office, a hotel room, or a bank office.

In farming, some sensors can measure soil moisture and inform the farmers of the exact moment to water the crops. That is IoT helps the farmers to be more precise with the care of the crops, and therefore, the productivity increases significantly.

Your first IoT project

If you are reading this article, it means you want to build something that can connect to the Internet. It doesn’t have to be something that will revolutionize society, but a creation that improves a task or service people or companies use in their daily activities.

Imagine creating an IoT project that helps smart retailers to be faster or more efficient in their deliveries. Speed is a crucial factor for everyone. People in the past used to wait for months for a package. Now, the regular time for a delivery (even from abroad) is a week or less. Who will win the market? The smart retailer company that guarantees delivery in the fastest time possible.

If you have an idea that can improve this service. You will have a product that generates millions of dollars.

If your IoT project has the potential to shape the future and make life easier, the market will surely be waiting for your creation.

What do you need to build your IoT project?

You need hardware for building an IoT project or device

If you want to build IoT projects on your own, it is because you have the time, money, talent, and patience.

You would need to have some knowledge in programming since you need specific platforms to make the device work: Azure, AWS, and Oracle IoT platforms, among others (check IoT with Python).

Finally, but not least, you need to have basic knowledge of electronics, since IoT connects devices to the internet. You must know what you want to build, where it will perform, and how you will make it work.

This means you need to use different hardware that will turn into your main IoT project.

It is worth mentioning that you don’t have to know all of this to build your IoT project, since it is complex for a single person to do it completely alone. In this case, you should consider building a work team that can help you, that is, hiring expert people in IoT projects or firms that at least can develop electronics.

We only mentioned some aspects of the IoT environment or requirements you need to build an IoT device. It is also necessary to consider security protocols, cloud services, and support. As you can see, there are many aspects to consider in IoT projects.

IoT companies

A great option that you should consider is hiring IoT companies that can do the hard work for you. You may have a great idea, but let’s be honest, when you want to build an IoT project, you don’t want to create something of low quality. Many devices out there perform greatly, and yours also has to be one of them, or even better.

DeepSea Developments is an expert electronic product design and development company. We have developed many devices for the IoT applications we mentioned above.

When you hire a company like ours, you professional hardware development service, app programming, electronics design, cloud development, firmware development service, and experienced engineers.

We make IoT better because we care about design, performance, and quality. We face any challenge companies or CEOs have in their different activities and try our best to give the best viable solution.

For example, we created Mubon, a smart mobility solution for electric vehicles, a portable charger, and a tracker. It comprises a platform that generates alerts and notifications and displays useful reports of fleet and chargers. This works along with tracking devices (adaptable to any electric vehicle), and portable and fixed chargers.

Your IoT project needs to be outstanding. Though the competition is strong in the market, it doesn’t mean you can’t launch an IoT device that will attract the attention of thousands of customers.

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