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Electronic product development results from hours of dedication, iterations, testing, and learning. The outcome of this process is something the CEO or entrepreneur has been waiting for. The final version of the electronic product won’t be only a satisfactory moment for you, it will also be for us, DeepSea Developments.

We develop electronic products, in other words, we create specialized hardware and software. Our experience has shown results in the mobility industry, smart home systems, Internet of Things (IoT is very important), agrotech and smart farming, smart cities, healthcare, and many more.

DeepSea Developments has been involved in over 40 electronics hardware development for clients from five different countries. We care for delivering excellent service in hardware development and promoting teamwork between our engineers and the customers.

If you are looking for electronic product development companies that can help you create a great product, consider their experience, but also their human quality. It may be easy to get expert hands on a project, but that does not translate into success. You need creative and customer-oriented people that respect your ideas and requirements. You need DeepSea Developments.

DeepSea Developments – your product development electronics ally


Develop electronic products - example
An electronic product in progress

Starting from design to a final stage of a product, our ability in electronics design and development translates in great hardware architecture, optimal PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design using Altium Designer with IPC standards, embedded programming of microcontrollers, PEmbedded Linux programming (scripting in bash, C and Python), RF communication technologies: cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, ZigBee, Lora, SigFox. And Back-end and Front-end capabilities for fast prototyping.

Our timely results will guarantee we can validate your electronic product in a short time. This makes the consumer electronics product development something attractive for entrepreneurs or CEOs that want to know quickly if their new device will be functional and profitable. Another advantage of quick validation is that you can improve your device and make it more attractive when you launch it.

Some of our electronics  projects


electronics hardware development - DeepSea Developments
Electronic development – Car Tracker for EV

The big advantage of electronic product development is that you get what you ask for, DeepSea Developments promises and delivers. Our productive team performs consistently well on design and developments.

We don’t limit the ideas of our clients because we love challenges. That’s why we have been able to develop electronic products like tracking devices, electric vehicle charging stations, and we have turned analog products into smart devices.

electronic product development company portable charger
Electronic product development of DeepSea

Imagine you need to keep track of an electric car. You are worried it may get lost or stop working in the middle of nowhere. Electric cars are not cheap, so you need to take care of your product no matter what. We developed an electronic product to register information from the telemetry of electric cars. We also designed different protocols for communicating with the cars. And that’s not all, it was necessary to have a cloud infrastructure to store large amounts of data and to check it in real-time. We built that too.

With the proliferation of electric cars in the market, charging stations have become a necessity around the cities to supply electrical power for charging the vehicles. According to Evadoption, by 2017, there were around 20,178 charging stations in the US, and this number grew to 26,000 electric vehicle stations in 2020.

Although the electric cars market is not too big in the US, the demand is growing year after year, making it necessary to increase the supply of charging stations.

One of our clients needed to develop charging stations for electric vehicles, and we did it. These have been well received in the market, since they facilitate the connection of any vehicle with special converters that allow better performance in charging the electric cars.

electronics product development
Charging station for EV

Can you imagine what will be necessary to create in the upcoming years for the electric cars market? In fact, we suppose you are already working on something for this increasing market. If you have a concept or idea, share it with us, and we will work on that.

There is a thin line between creation and transformation. If you turn a device into something different, you are transforming its functionality and characteristics, which means you also created a new device.

A healthcare company asked to transform PTSD equipment from its analog version to a smart one. This process resulted in a new modern medical and psychiatric device to provide a better user experience with tactile screens and wireless peripherals.

This electronic product development delivered excellent results. Besides, we developed an embedded software for remote controllers and communications.

As you can see, electronic products are raising their presence in society. In a world that wants more connectivity, companies need to listen to people and meet the needs of the market. What’s your goal? What’s your business idea? Contact DeepSea Developments and make your electronic product a reality.

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