DeepSea Developments will attend CES 2022

CES 2022 - DeepSea Developments

DeepSea Developments will participate in the CES 2022. The CES, or Consumer Electronics Show will be held in Las Vegas in January.

What is CES?

It is the biggest tech event in the world. According to the CES website, “The first CES took place in New York City in June 1967. Since then, thousands of products have been announced at the yearly show, including many that have transformed our lives.”

CES invites companies like manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, technology delivery systems, content, and many more.

In that event, people can get to know innovative people, technologies and devices that can impact many industries. CES works as a platform where the biggest brands do business and meet new partners.

Over 1,000 companies will attend the event in Las Vegas; usually more than 100,000 people attend the event. Therefore, being part of CES opens the possibility to reach new investors and markets.

What products or companies can you see in CES 2022?

It would be difficult to mention the big list of products or devices that will showcase in the event. We could mention some of them: 3D printing, AI, Blockchain, Car Audio, Drones, Education, IoT/Sensors, Robotics, Smart cities, wearables, tracking devices, Led technologies, asset management, etc.

Also, attendees can expect to see big brands like Amazon, AT&T, Daimler AG, Dell, Google, Hyundai, AMD, IBM, Intel, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Sony, Samsung Electronics, among others.

Every big brand takes advantage of the CES event to launch new products and let people interact with them.

Will the CES 2022 have virtual attendance?

According to Pocket-lint, “ The CES anchor desk, which debuted at the virtual CES 2021, will be in Las Vegas to connect digital audiences with exhibitors, conference sessions, keynotes and product announcements from the live event.”

This option opens the possibility to reach even a broader audience worldwide. So, companies that showcase their products and innovations in Las Vegas may have more chances to expand their businesses.

Benefits of attending CES in Las Vegas

If you are a company, a startup or entrepreneur looking forward to showing others you have a great product in your hands. This may be a great opportunity.

Networking opportunities

CES attracts people from all over the world, that means there will be potential partners, clients, investors and media coverage. Take advantage of the days the CES is being held to grow your connections.

You never know what this may bring for your company, startup or business project.

Have a product or prototype ready

When you have a product ready to show other people, you may attract their interest. If they come to you, that means you get the chance to sell, establish new partnerships or get big funding from potential investors that are interested in what you have to show.

Many companies know the CES can help them to launch innovative products to new markets.

Time management

Establish a clear goal on why you want to attend CES. Do you want to get funding? Do you want to sell your product? Do you want to get new allies?

People that attend CES don’t have the time to visit more than 1,000 companies. So, having a clear objective on what you expect to get there will help you to create good strategies for your business.

More to come after CES event

While you are at CES, you could give other people your business cards, get contacts or emails. Once the event has finished, it is crucial to follow up and contact the people who are interested in your product.

Keep in mind that you should do something at CES that makes you stand out, since the contacts you get will also visit other companies or exhibitions, it will be hard for them to remember you or your product. Try to do or say something so unique at CES that they will immediately recognize you when you call them or email them.

Why will DeepSea Developments attend CES 2022?

Our trajectory in IoT design and development has allowed us to receive awards and help many CEOs and entrepreneurs to build their projects. Some of them are now in the market having great results.

We also develop our own products and devices: Thermal cameras, tracking devices, portable chargers for EV, among others.

We want to show people at CES our hardware and firmware developing skills to create outstanding IoT solutions. We will also show success cases of our different clients that have been possible thanks to our professional engineering team.

This is a great opportunity to connect with other companies and help them design, develop and build their products.

Where can you find us at CES 2022?

If you are attending CES 2022 in Las Vegas, you can come by our stand:

Booth No. 60930
Venue: Sands G Eureka Park

You can also schedule a personalized consultation with us during the CES event (January 5 – 8) by clicking the button below:

Do you have questions? Contact Us!

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