Thermal cameras will be the new normal in the near future

thermal cameras will be the new normal - DeepSea Developments

Nowadays, technology is being really useful in sectors such as health, tracking, smart homes, and smart cities. However it is necessary to keep implementing different devices that can integrate with ease in offices, hospitals, shopping centers, and public events. For example, thermal cameras.

Why is it necessary to install thermal cameras?

Taking into account what has happened in the world with the covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to think in future scenarios where other viruses may cause a health crisis.

Thermal cameras may seem a little exaggerated, but they may save many lives. Installing and using a thermal camera in close spaces would allow to quickly control the spreading of a virus or bacteria, since it may analyze people’s temperature and launch instant alerts.

Thermal cameras are also useful to watch low light scenarios, or places where people can’t access easily and need to be monitored.

Thermal camera development

At DeepSea Developments we developed a thermal camera called TermoDeep. Since one of our specialties is to build IoT devices, we thought of this difficult time the world is experiencing and decided to build a product that can enhance security of people and prevent contagion risk situations.

Also, we think this product can be useful for supporting health regulations dictated by the governments. Because the speed of the camera can avoid overcrowding in access points or closed spaces.

On the other hand, thermal cameras have other benefits: identifying people or animals that move around a building at night (low light scenarios), reduces the risk of false alarms that are triggered because of small animals.

Thermal cameras can be used for inspecting a circuit board or an electronic product, this is useful for locating areas where large amounts of heat are being generated. The idea is the thermal camera can give you a high resolution image and that has great accuracy in temperature measurement. Using the thermal camera this way may help you monitor the performance of specific devices and do preventive check-ups for equipment maintenance.

We want to show you in a short video how our thermal camera works. By the way, it is open source; it means this camera can serve as a base for new developments or improvements. Besides, you can buy the hardware in our virtual store and modify it (hardware and firmware) as you wish for new developments you want to carry out with the thermal camera.

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