DeepSea Developments is the top company in Internet of Things Development

DeepSea Developments is top company in Internet of Things- 100 Open Startups Ranking

The Brazilian platform 100 Open Startups in alliance with Connect Bogotá, presented in Colombia the first 100 Open Startups ranking, and DeepSea Developments has been chosen as top company in Internet of Things category.

100 Open Startups highlights the startups of open innovation and their relationship with corporates in the region. This ranking has been done in Brazil since 2016, and now it’s the turn for Colombia.

This ranking doesn’t depend on juries that vote to select the 100 Open Startups. Instead, the ranking objectively measures the volume and intensity of open innovation relationships and contracts established between companies and startups.

According to the 100 Open Startups Ranking, DeepSea Developments is the top company in Internet of Things sector. This is possible because of the developed innovations in IoT and the constant support DeepSea Developments has given to corporates in Latin American region and countries like United States, Canada and Spain, among others.

Recognition of DeepSea Developments as company number 1 in Internet of things

What is the Internet of Things category?

This category measures outstanding companies that have designed and developed internet-connected objects (hardware) that can gather data and transfer it to wireless networks. IoT can be applied in different sectors, such as healthcare, E-mobility, smart cities, smart devices, agriculture, and consumer electronics.

188 startups and 100 companies from Colombia took part in the 100 Open Startups’ call. They evidenced 916 open innovation relationships, which moved around 6 million dollars, with an average investment of 51 thousand dollars per development. DeepSea Developments reached position number 6 out of 188 startups in Colombia.

position number 6 in open startups ranking - DeepSea Developments

DeepSea Developments has entered the 100 Open Startups Ranking thanks to its outstanding performance and its increasing relationship with different companies in the Latin American market. DeepSea Developments has provided great assistance in developing the businesses of entrepreneurs that need to design, test, and launch new devices in specific markets.

Nick Velasquez and DeepSea Developments in the 100 Open Startups Ranking

What is open innovation?

The open innovation model is an instrument to strengthen the relationship and cooperation between companies, startups and investigation centers. This allows the co-creation of new solutions that respond to specific needs of the market.

Some words of our CTO, Nick Velasquez, in gratitude for the results of the 100 Open Startups Ranking recognition for DeepSea Developments.

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