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If you are looking for companies that build prototypes, probably you are thinking of taking your business idea to the next level. It is possible you are considering going straight to the production of the device you want to sell in a particular industry.

It is important that you understand what is the difference between prototype and production since this can be a big differential on the success or failure of your product. Also, you will find out here how to choose the best ally to build your prototype.

Prototype vs production

If you have bought a smartphone from the same brand year after year, you would have noticed it changes a little every time a new model comes out. You get the final product, the one that can also be purchased in any country in the world. That means the cell phone you got is in its production stage. However, the reason you have this final product is that the company previously tested many prototypes before the final version.

So, it all starts with the design of a prototype. If you have a new device idea for the market, it needs to be tested. Imagine you want to sell a technology to teach babies a different language while they sleep. How could you do that? Maybe you want to build it as a toy the baby can have with him all the time. And you think your idea is perfect and you produce it. That may be a big mistake.

If you at least tried to make a quick test with companies that build prototypes, you may have realized it would be dangerous to sell a toy for babies without knowing if it could explode during the night. Would you take the risk an electronic component fails and causes a disaster? Of course not.

When you use your phone next to your face, you do it with confidence, and that’s because it was tested thousands of hours by companies that build prototypes to confirm the battery won’t explode at the moment of talking on the phone. Creating a prototype will expose any negative performance of your business idea and it will allow you to make adjustments to improve it.

Companies that make prototypes

Design of a prototype with circuits and components - DeepSea Developments

You could get many companies that make prototypes, but pay special attention to the ones that are outstanding at outsourced product development. Bear in mind that not any company may be the right one for you. We suggest you consider the following aspects to be satisfied with the ultimate result:

1. Corporate values

Some people say yes because they have the experience, while others say yes to anything because they need the client.

Sadly, you can find companies in many industries that deliver poor results. Not because they want to do it, maybe their corporate values are written on paper, but they are not practiced.

When you are going to pay for a service, you want to be sure it meets your needs and expectations.

The same happens when you are trying to select the best prototype companies. Not all inventors are optimistic and not all creators trust their talent. You should watch for a company that can get a prototype made in the hardest scenario and even when the odds of making it work are low.

Everything is yet to be discovered and created. That is the philosophy of DeepSea Developments. We believe ideas can be found anywhere and they can be developed with the proper knowledge, effort and a talented team.

2. Industry record of prototype companies

As a CEO, you know better what industry you are aiming to conquer with your new product. Have you considered among the companies that build prototypes which ones have experience in your same industry? This is a crucial point in deciding how your final product will be.

If you want to work with a company that has only made prototypes for healthcare and you work in the industrial area, this could be a big differential on how they can handle your idea and transform it into a great product.

Also, companies that build prototypes usually provide all or some of the following services:

DeepSea Developments has worked in different sectors like smart home, agrotechnology, healthcare, asset and fleet management, mobility, smart cities and smart farming. The only service we don’t provide from the ones mentioned above is manufacturing.

3. Expert team in making prototypes

Quick prototype example from the inside - DeepSea Developments

Henry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” When you have a team that cares about you, your creativity and your designs, you are getting the best hands to work with you.

You can do some research on the best prototype making companies by checking different news websites, technology events they have attended, feedback on social media, among others. These aspects will work as a reference to confirm if the team you are looking for will meet your expectations.

A great team can develop a successful project. And you need to check how good the engineering team is.

At DeepSea Developments, our corporate values spread from design to the area where we can make a prototype. This means the requirements and specifications you deliver for your business idea are checked deeply and shared among the members of the team. No matter how challenging it may be, we will try to get the best outcome. Remember what we said, everything is yet to be discovered and created.

Whether you are a CEO or an entrepreneur, we want to listen to you. We hope these recommendations could provide you with some insight on how to select a good company that makes prototypes. Let us help you explore and create something wonderful together.

How to find a company to make a prototype

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