Colombian startups that lead in IoT and virtual reality

IoT leader - Deepsea Developments

According to a study by Statista, next year about a billion dollars will be invested in IoT worldwide and by 2030 there will be more than 25 billion connected devices of this technology.

The ecosystem of technology-based entrepreneurship in Colombia is no stranger to this reality and to the growth that these markets are having. There are in the country different companies that are already developing products and services based on these trends.

That is the case of DeepSea Developments and Viewy, which in the ‘Ranking 100 Open Startups’, carried out last September by 100 Open Startups and Connect Bogotá Region, in which the enterprises that generate the most open innovation in the country were highlighted, DeepSea Developments was positioned as the number 1 company in the IoT area, while Viewy was the leader in the virtual and augmented reality category. These are the big bets that the two companies have in the national and international market.

Innovative projects of DeepSea Developments

The company was born in 2017 in the city of Cali as a bet to offer IoT solutions for agriculture in the country, but in recent years, the startup adapted its business model to expand the types of services they offer, said Nick Velásquez, technology leader at DeepSea Developments, who along with Juan Jurado and Nelson Padilla co-founded the company.

“Our company is dedicated to the creation of hardware and software, basically in experiences and IoT products, mainly focused on four areas: consumer electronics, mobility, industry and healthcare,” Velasquez explained.

DeepSea Developments has become an ally for companies that want to run any type of product based on the Internet of Things. This has allowed them to develop different technologies such as portable and fixed chargers for electric cars, smart medicine dispensers, and monitoring cameras for patients in clinics, cameras for drones, systems that allow identifying how many parking spaces are empty on a certain street, among other devices.

“What we do is to develop these products from scratch, a client comes to us with the idea and we do basic engineering, the development of the concept, the electronic part, including the cards, we design it, we manufacture it, we do a rapid prototyping, this is necessary to start the testing phase and from there several integrations are made until a final product comes out,” said Velásquez.

This has allowed them not only to be allies of companies in the country, but they have already opened a field in international markets, to the point that almost half of the company’s income this year corresponds to exports to countries such as the United States, Spain, and Canada.

By 2021, DeepSea Developments is going to close sales for 2,000 million pesos (more or less 500.000 dollars). They also reached their goal of going from being a micro to a small service company, with more than 30 employees.

“The purpose for next year is to become a medium-sized company, achieving billings around 4,500 million pesos (1 million dollars),” Velasquez pointed out.

The startup expects to continue positioning itself mainly in the US market, where the largest number of its international clients are located; Precisely, in January of next year they will be exhibitors at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2022, one of the most important technology events in the world.

Viewy and its bet in the metaverse

One of the company’s strengths is precisely in the development of metaverses or virtual worlds, a topic that has recently been relevant after the announcement of Facebook, now Meta, in its commitment to the development of this technology.

This concept is understood as a three-dimensional space where people can interact through augmented reality glasses and share an immersive experience with other people.

To this is added other lines of business that have allowed them to generate more than 130 campaigns worldwide leveraged on this technology, such as Viewy Speech, which allows the user to improve their communication skills, and Viewy Care, which helps monitor hygiene habits and safety protocols in companies.

Viewy has more than 60 clients, among which are Grupo Nutresa, Oracle, the Inter-American Development Bank, Claro, Red Bull, among others.

“Our biggest challenge was to show companies that they could develop different campaigns leveraged in immersive realities. What we want now is to continue growing in the international market and generate high-impact technology in the region, ”Santos pointed out.

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Taken from a source in Spanish: El Tiempo.

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