Mobility: An area that is been transformed thanks to the use of IoT

mobility has been transformed thanks to IoT

The Internet of things is here to change many aspects of our daily life, such as the economy, security and mobility. Now we will show you how and why transport and mobility improve significantly with the implementation of IoT technology.

Here in DeepSea Developments we have focused our work on developing areas of the Internet of Things, such as AgroTech, industry, smart homes, smart cities and mobility

Currently, the company has a line of business named Mubon, that provides solutions in the growing area of e-mobility, which emerged as a result of the increase in electric vehicles and buses markets.

Mubon is compatible with different types of electric vehicles. It is prepared to perform the management and administration of the electric vehicles’ fleets and the charging infrastructure.

What is the Internet of Things and how does it help with transportation?

The Internet of Things is a technology that allows to capture information that can be transmitted through smart devices connected to the cloud. These real time data offers great value for customers. Therefore, it becomes an effective tool to collect, analyze, process information and make mobility decisions.

After capturing and processing the collected information, smart devices or artificial intelligence can make forecasts that contribute to improving mobility in cities and help drivers granting relevant data about the behavior of their vehicle

Mobility enhanced thanks to IoT

In the case of trains, with the IoT, traffic management can be monitored; the status of the train or, even you can know the information of each passenger.

With respect to airplanes, the passengers can have a custom experience, thanks to a real time connection, through IoT, between the cabin platform and elements of the plane, such as, the kitchen, food carts, seats, overhead compartments and other elements. This connection allows passengers to remotely order their favorite food or reserve a luggage storage space within the cabin.

Regarding the vehicles, smart connection between devices allows environmental factors to be automatically monitored; as well as, grasp the weather in real time, receive traffic information, know the fastest route to get to a certain place or obtain the exact location of the place where the driver is going

Advantages of the IoT for mobilization in the cities

The IoT allows a cost reduction in maintenance personnel and manages the use of spaces. Since the devices are interconnected, the vehicles can be remotely supervised and, preventive, corrective and analysis actions can be taken. One of them lets you choose the parking slot through an App that indicates where there is an empty space to locate it; another one allows, through the installation of a chip in the car, that the number of tolls is registered and issued charge to the mobile phone number previously registered by the driver.

Smart vehicles: another bet on mobility

On the other hand, we are facing the implementation of smart vehicles, which are ideal when it comes to providing the driver with greater comfort and functionality in their vehicle (it depends on the level of automation of the vehicle) and in which the driver only has to be in charge of stepping into the vehicle and enjoying the ride, after all these are autonomous cars, thanks to cameras, networks and other smart mobility devices, which are interconnected with each other.

Some of its most important features are: its ability to detect traffic jams, determine in which slot it can park, open the door to passengers, select the car owner’s favorite music, turn on the lights when necessary or choose the appropriate speed

Although the creation of smart vehicles has been in the imagination for years, it is precisely within the digital era that it became relevant. Sensors that are interconnected with each other, data analysis and the use of telematics turned into essential tools to prevent risk situations and collect information, which is uploaded to the cloud and shared with other devices. These advances show that technology is increasing its availability to ease people’s lives and solve their needs.

In fact, large automotive companies all around the world are using the IoT and telematics. Such as, software that receives data from a vehicle or tracker device to send it to the vehicle and generate alerts or provide in-depth analysis. This, aiming to bring more agile, optimal and comfortable smart vehicles to the market.

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, the smart transportation systems support the people and allow them to create great confidence and security when it comes to transportation.

Finally, we recommend the use of an electric vehicle, as it is cost efficient, because the battery consumption is lower, the gas emission is zero and it does not consume fuel.

At DeepSea Developments we are committed to this issue. We are experts in creating Internet of Things solutions for e-mobility; such as trackers, electric vehicle chargers and other telematics solutions. In addition, we are prepared to take on challenges, and build and develop IoT projects that are viable, reliable and successful in the long term.

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