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After the covid-19 pandemic, the work dynamic of the employees in the offices has changed. The majority of people prefer to work from home than go back to the office. And although the pandemic has been controlled thanks to vaccines, the change in people’s mindset and impact in lifestyle is inevitable.

This situation has led many companies to shape the way they work with the different team members; by establishing a remote working dynamic combined with some attendance hours in the facilities of the company.

There have been situations where companies are calling their employees back to the offices, some have accepted the mandate, while others have preferred to quit and look for more flexible options to work remotely.

What is a remote team?

First, it is crucial to understand what remote work is. It refers to every task, project or activity that doesn’t need the presence of the employee in an office. So, employees can work from home, or any other place they decide.

Now, a remote team refers to many members of a specific area who work around the same goals and necessities. They don’t really need to meet in person to work, they can connect through mobile devices, or any other technology that allows them to interact with ease.

Is this strategy going to work for you? You need to be aware of the importance of building great teams from the beginning, since it will guarantee remote work will be effective. In this aspect, it is necessary to have great leadership that ensures all team members align to the culture of the company, and that they are comfortable with the possible changes in meeting times and deadlines.

A lot of questions may arise concerning different industries, but we want to focus on hardware development companies since it is DeepSea Developments’ area of expertise.

The importance of hardware remote teams

Our company has been working with hardware remote work teams since it started operating in the market. Of course, we have had problems during the process of integrating hardware remote work. However, these problems have also helped us to understand the best ways to operate, how to manage time, tasks, meetings, and resources to operate. Thanks to our remote work dynamic, we have been able to improve our performance and results provided to our customers.

The labor force has evolved since the industrialization era. We no longer see the same dynamics, supply and demand. So, it is to be expected that the needs of employees will evolve from being inside a cubicle or office for 10 hours, to being able to spend more time at home or maybe working from a coffee shop.

Nowadays, people are looking forward to experiencing new things, they are more aware of the importance of interacting with the environment. If companies can offer flexible work, the employees would really appreciate it; productivity will increase, the retention of employees will be longer, and finally, there will be cost savings on physical facilities.

If you have an engineering team, development department, or industrial designers, you may think that every engineer must be working inside the building of a company along with the other coworkers to be able to develop new hardware or technologies, right? What happens if they don’t want to go back to the office, and prefer to work entirely from home? It is necessary to consider the needs of the team, but still, the company needs to guarantee great results if they work from home (or any other place).

We need to answer the following question:

is it possible to have or build a good hardware remote team? YES.

However, implementing this work methodology is not for every business, at least for the ones who have strict protocols that can’t be molded according to the new world’s dynamic. And that’s not bad, every company has a philosophy, mission, vision, rules, policies, and culture.

Could you imagine a company like Apple implementing the culture of Google, or vice versa? Every company shares a goal, that is to make money. But not every company will do or adapt the same strategies to accomplish it. Once a business is built around specific processes, corporate values, and work methodology, it is hard to change that.

There are legal aspects to consider as well. Corporate secrets that must be respected, for instance, new technology developments or innovation of products. Hardware remote teams must be well handled and led in order to provide security and confidence to the different customers; they wouldn’t want to see their newest product or device being found out in a cafeteria or public park.

If you consider the challenges remote development brings up and still want to implement it in your company, and you learn how to apply the different steps, the product development outsourcing you need to offer to different entrepreneurs, CEOs and startups in the market will be well carried out.

How to build a remote team

Find out in the next video how to do build remote development teams that are motivated and productive:

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