DeepSea Developments at Sensors Converge

DeepSea Developments at Sensors Converge
  • Over 5,000 attendees.
  • 275+ exhibitors and 100+ speakers.
  • DeepSea Developments participated as an exhibitor.
  • The perfect event for the design engineering community.

The attendance and participation of Deepsea Developments in Sensors Converge (North America’s largest electronics event for design engineers) this year was an achievement for our company. Being present at one of the largest and most important events in the electronics industry has been an incredible and rewarding experience.

Sensors converge is an event that has 37 years of history gathering the best of the design engineering community to network, exchange ideas, and establish the future of the sensors industry.

For two consecutive days, we were able to immerse ourselves in the main trends in design engineering, from innovation to process design, and controls development. We explored the transformation of markets and the latest developments in the field.

sensors converge 2023
DeepSea Developments at Sensors Converge 2023

Sharing this space with industry leaders was a truly rewarding experience. Being in direct contact with suppliers and establishing strategic alliances is essential for us, since it guarantees us to always offer the best production and solutions to our customers.

Receiving knowledge and experiences from these leaders allows us to be at the forefront of the industry and stay current with the latest innovations. During the event, we met great companies dedicated to the development of Printed Circuit Boards (see PCB benefits), and hardware components (see hardware prototyping). The presence of these companies was impressive. We established valuable contacts, and learned from their experience and knowledge.

In addition, this event allowed us to connect with renowned brands such as Tesla, Intel, Apple, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, among others. Being able to know and understand how products evolve and understand each component of them was an enriching experience. These relationships helped us gain a broader view of the industry and understand how our solutions can be effectively integrated into the market.

Overall, Deepsea Developments‘ involvement in Sensors Converge has been great for the company. It has allowed us to expand our knowledge, establish strategic alliances and connect with the best technology companies in the industry. Being immersed in this event has given us a valuable perspective on trends and the latest innovations in design engineering.

We are excited to implement what we have learned and continue offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

DeepSea Developments stand at Sensors Converge
DeepSea Developments’ stand at Sensors Converge

Sensors Converge is a popular event for electronics and design engineering, it is hosted in Santa Clara, California. Attendees love this event because they can find new technologies, find emerging trends, and compare different products and suppliers for doing new business.

Such new technologies and innovations will be crucial for being incorporated into new projects. Not only engineers are the main focus of this event, but also: investors, developers, scientists, research and development areas, corporate management, and media.

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