DeepSea Developments at Crowd Supply Teardown 2023

DeepSea Developments at Crowd Supply Teardown 2023
  • Exclusive place for showcasing innovative hardware.
  • Crowdfunding and networking in one place.
  • DeepDeck received great feedback.

This year we were invited to Crowd Supply’s event in Portland. This event was an exclusive place where creativity meets technology to bring unique prototypes and products to life.

Known for its creative atmosphere and focus on innovation, Crowd Supply’s event was the hub of the hardware developer community for 3 days, where they brought together bright and passionate minds from around the world.

Among the greatest things about this event was the chance to meet in a physical place after the Covid-19 pandemic, this felt like a rebirth. Also, we could see firsthand how people were willing to explore the limits of imagination and technology through the creation of prototypes and products.

Our experience at Crowd Supply’s Teardown

Deepsea Developments, a company with a passion for technology and creating innovative products, this event was more than just a meeting; it was an opportunity to connect at a deeper level to a world of ideas and creativity. The passion shared by the attendees to build something different and break technological barriers was evident from the first moment.

The excitement in the air was contagious as developers, engineers, and creatives came together with the common goal of bringing to life ideas that could change the way we interact with the world.

One of the most enriching experiences was the possibility of seeing ideas in their earliest stages of development (See marketing IoT). Deepsea Developments found inspiration in the diversity of approaches and the desire of creators to take risks and explore unknown areas.

We enjoyed the different presentations, from strategies to fund your projects, to amazing live demonstrations with electronics, hacking, and how to use different technologies for boosting new project ideas.

One of the presentations that caught our attention was a 3D printed dress, which was in charge of Sophy Wong. This was very innovative since the 3D printing machine can build clothes, which can be called a wearable dress. On the other hand, we liked a lot an open source project for creating low cost microchips.

Our DeepDeck presentation

crowd supply teardown

Deepdeck, our open source macropad, captured attendees’ attention and sparked lively conversations around its potential. The opportunity to showcase the product in such a stimulating environment allowed Deepsea to connect with other innovators and receive valuable feedback that will contribute to its constant improvement.

What is DeepDeck? It is a macropad built by DeepSea Developments. This device is special because it is open source (IoT open source benefits), in fact, this project was born because of a crowdfunding campaign we opened at Crowd Supply’s website. The macropad was so attractive that we overcame the initial goal we had of 5,000 dollars, and we reached more than 15 thousand dollars in funding.


What is so special about an open source macropad?
Well, an open source macropad or keyboard lets its users program every key with specific macros or commands that will control a feature from a computer, software, or device.

Normally, people would find macropads in the market that can be connected to the computer and increase productivity of users, however, not all of them are fully customizable. 

In the case of DeepDeck, it brings wifi and bluetooth connectivity, and users can set up different layers in which they can program macros of different applications. Do you want to program macros for designing apps, games, or spotify? You can do it with DeepDeck.

More details of the product here.

DeepDeck at crowd supply event

From its early version, it has been updated, both the firmware and the hardware. Now it is possible to program the macros from a web app, and make it easier for people who don’t know how to code to use the device with any platform they want.

Here are some pictures of buyers from over 21 countries who have customized their DeepDecks:

customized deepdeck

deepdeck customization

We were able to show an advanced version at Crowd Supply Teardown, and people were very interested in knowing its features. We received great feedback from the community, and this was encouraging for us.

Another great result from the event was that we sold 200 more units of DeepDeck to a big electronics company in the US.  The event was not only about showcasing products and prototypes, but also about making meaningful connections. We are very grateful to Crowd Supply for opening their arms to us and to our project, which has shown outstanding results among the community.

Conversations about technology allow Deepsea Developments to share its vision and learn from others. And the conversations we had at Crowd Supply Teardown gave us new ideas to explore in future projects.

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