Thermal Camera Solution


TermoDeep is a great solution for measuring body temperature in real time. Control and monitor access to buildings, offices, and factories.


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thermal camera solution

Customer challenge

How to return to the offices and buildings keeping the employees safe, controlling the access, and preventing the propagation of COVID-19.

Our solution

A device that provides easy, fast, and contactless identification. Giving a guarantee of security, prevention, and compliance regulation during the COVID-19 situation.

Understanding the product's edge

A thermal camera solution is the best way to monitor and grant access to restricted areas. All without the need for human contact.

Where is the edge on this product?

Normal thermal cameras do not have the precision to have an accurate measurement of human body temperature. An additional external element is needed, called the BlackBody, that works as a tool to improve the temperature measurement. We integrated this element into our design to allow more versatility while deploying this technology in new sites.

TermoDeep Highlights

We embedded a Raspberry Pi 3A+ board into the TermoDeep camera to have a fully standalone system, reducing the solution’s cost and avoiding using an external PC.

Measurement issues

After a lot of testing with external temperature references (BlackBodies) and real live scenarios of the usage, we found many measurement errors based on the system setup: Where or how far to install the black body. Also, the physical inconvenience of having 2 devices on different tripods, made us go further and integrate the reference within the device.

What the customer said

Asier Isusi

Smart Vision

"We are providing access control and fever monitoring for people in places like hospitals, and museums, and during massive events like sports games and concerts."

A great solution for monitoring and controlling who can access private areas. This is a thermal camera that provides security and tranquility.

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