DeepG - Solar panel monitor

Solar Energy

DeepG is a module that takes information from solar panel inverters or any device that has RS485 / MODBUS protocol and communicates that information to the cloud


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DeepG - a great solar panel monitor

Customer challenge

Obtaining information from multiple inverters to centralize it on a single platform.

Our solution

We developed a hardware that has an RS485 and RS282 interface to communicate through the same interface as the inverters. Additionally, we developed a twin device which allows dynamic configuration of the Modbus variable map.

Why use this solar panel monitor?

We developed hardware, firmware, and software in this device to perform real-time metering to the cloud of solar energy storage, integrating grid analyzers and inverters with industrial machines.

Commercial Description

This is a monitoring solar panel device that obtains any variable from the MODBUS map of the devices such as Growatt inverters or the BMS of the batteries, where you can obtain information on voltage, current, power, reactive energy, battery status, network voltage, voltage of the panels, current in the panels, etc.

Technical Description

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Protocol:Modbus RTU
  • Interfaces: RS485, RS232, TLL interfaces
  • Storage: Local – SD 16GB
  • Clock: RTC
  • Housing: Generic

What the customer said

Michael Arroyave


"We are very excited about DeepSea Developments' quick response, quality level, and final results. I think it is a great development team that provides solutions."

Connect solar inverters or any RS485/MODBUS device to the cloud, accessing real-time data on variables like voltage, current, power, and battery status for enhanced energy management.

Technical aspects of our DeepG - Solar panel monitor

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