Adjustable Pergola Shade Controller

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A reliable controller for managing motorized tents or pergolas.


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smart shade controller

Customer challenge

How to properly manage a smart pergola with a remote controller. A solution to avoid potential damage from motor malfunctioning, and the necessity to integrate the pergola's functioning with home automation systems (Google Home, Alexa...).

Our solution

We added additional securities to protect the structure. New sensors that allow automatic movement depending on weather conditions. Compatibility with their existing ecosystem of controllers (remote control and App). We allowed daisy-chain connection of motors to control larger or multiple surfaces at the same time. And we included compatibility with home automation systems, especially Google Home and Alexa.

Understanding the product's edge

Being a strong provider worldwide of shades and pergolas, this product generates a competitive advantage over its competitors. This allows our client to have a competitive edge and play with the overall cost of the solution to improve profitability and gain market share.

Where is the edge on this product?

The possibility to control smart pergolas with ease and its integration with Google Home and Alexa.

Smartshade controller highlights

Retrofitting existing technologies like the RF controller had difficulties regarding the lack of documentation of previous developments, but we were able to reverse engineer the signals with a set of working devices to have the needed information.

Additional requests

Lab test is different from the real-life test. We worked in the client facilities to fine-tune the torque control and the general solution in a shade more than 20 feet long, and also adjusted the antenna positions to avoid Faraday’s effect, as the product was inside the metal frame of the pergola.

What the customer said

Ken Roberts

"We were surprised by the fast response of the team in terms of our requirements and questions. The final device fulfilled our expectations, and we could control better the smart pergola."

A great solution for controlling smart pergolas. With this device you can adjust your pergola the way you want.

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