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DeepDeck is an OpenSource programmable macropad (mini mechanical keyboard) that enables you to get more productive by using it with your work/hobby/leisure programs.


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Customer challenge

How to innovate in a new type of macropad that is fully customizable and that can connect via Bluetooth.

Our solution

We built a programmable keypad that can connect to a computer or cellphone using Bluetooth. It is open source, which means the code can be modified to customize it as pleased.

Understanding the product's edge

The market is getting full of keyboards with some limitations regarding its programming capabilities. DeepDeck can go beyond that and offer more customization.

Where is the edge on this product?

This is an open-source macropad, which means people can work on the code of the DeepDeck to adjust it to their needs. Also, it allows to connect to other devices via Bluetooth.

Improve your productivity

Being able to program your DeepDeck with your favorite macros will allow you to work faster and take advantage of time. No more suffering from repetitive tasks and pressing several buttons to advance on your activities.

DeepDeck characteristics

  • 4 x 4 (16 total) interchangeable, hot-swappable mechanical keys
  • Two rotary encoders with push buttons
  • RGB LEDs on each key
  • RGB LEDs on encoders for additional feedback
  • Programmable RGB interactions
  • Expansion ports to integrate other sensors (like a gesture sensor)
  • 64 x 128 OLED screen
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (via ESP32)
  • Battery powered
  • On-screen menu for basic set up
  • Complete web-based interface for full customization of keys, macros, etc.
  • Can use APIs to connect to a wide variety of online service

What the customer said

Steven Jacobs

E-Star Consulting

"This programmable keypad is fantastic, some of our team members are using it to work faster when they have to multitask. I think every office should have this device."

Take advantage of time and work faster with DeepDeck. You can add any shortcut to control your favorite software or app.

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