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Plug and play event - DeepSea Developments

“We make innovation open to anyone, anywhere,” Plug and Play.

  • Over 145 startups.
  • AI as the main protagonist.
  • A great event for connecting startups and corporate sponsors.

During this year, we had the incredible opportunity to attend the Plug and Play Summit event, one of the largest and most recognized accelerators in the world. We were able to meet over 145 startups, and listen to the presentations of more than 18 recognized speakers.

Plug and Play is a Silicon Valley-based VC firm, accelerator, and corporate innovation platform. They invest globally and have over 1,000 startups in their portfolio. The great thing about Plug and PLay is that they connect promising startups to their network of over 500 corporate partners for business development. 

This event allowed DeepSea Developments to immerse in the exciting world of startups, and witness up close how big companies connect with the brightest minds in the industry.

The experience was fascinating, since we were able to observe first-hand the advances and innovations that entrepreneurs (especially from Silicon Valley) are carrying out in their projects. It was exciting to witness how they are taking advantage of and integrating new technologies into their solutions, and how artificial intelligence (AI) was a constant in most of the projects presented.

Artificial intelligence has ceased to be a mere promise to become a fundamental tool in the development of new businesses and startups (see IoT tips for startups). During the Plug and Play event, we witnessed how entrepreneurs are harnessing the potential of AI to create innovative solutions that will transform entire industries.

The connection between big companies, investors and startups is crucial in this constantly evolving landscape. In this sense, the Plug and Play Summit event is a meeting and collaboration space between both actors.

Attending this event has allowed us to stay at the forefront of the movements and growth of startups and new businesses. We have had the opportunity to interact with talented entrepreneurs, investors and experienced mentors, which has given us a unique insight into new trends.

Plug and Play agreed to launch a $100 million fund to invest in Saudi startups. This firm is in negotiations with Jada ($1 billion fund of funds established by the Saudi wealth fund) to help kick-start the domestic venture capital industry. This was confirmed by Saeed Amidi, the firm’s founder and CEO.

This new fund is set to be launched by January, where Plug and Play will contribute as much as 10% of the total, and the rest will be raised from Saudi funds and family offices. 

This is one demonstration of the potential of Plug and Play for funding Startups anywhere in the world where there is innovation and technological growth.

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