DeepSea Developments at NXP Connects 2023

NXP connects 2023
  • Over 1,000 engineers.
  • Exclusive training.
  • Demonstrations of innovative solutions.

NXP Connects, an event that stands out for being a place of inspiration and mutual learning with the aim of promoting collaborative innovation. And this year, DeepSea Developments had the privilege of attending. Over two days, more than 1,000 highly creative engineers came together for training sessions, networking, solution demos, and exclusive insights from industry leaders. 

Without a doubt, this is the ultimate engineering event that offers a unique opportunity to learn, experiment, and be inspired.

For Deepsea Developments, attendance at this event in June was really important. We recognize the value of staying current in technical knowledge, staying abreast of market trends, and understanding advances in technology and development. This up-to-date knowledge allows us to offer our clients the best IoT solutions available on the market.

NXP Connects provided us with an exceptional platform to interact with other industry professionals, exchange ideas, and gain valuable information on the latest innovations in the field of engineering. One of the topics that most caught our attention was the way technology is shaping the society, and the different perspectives provided by people from different industries: medicine, farming, and automotive. 

Another topic that was of great interest to us had to do with electric vehicles, and the different technologies that are emerging as allies to improve their efficiency and features (see Fleet tracking device).

During the event, we participated in conferences and workshops that allowed us to expand our knowledge and technical skills. In addition, we witnessed live demonstrations of innovative solutions that inspired us to explore new ways of tackling technological challenges.

We also made interesting connections with innovators and startups, who shared with our team their needs and challenges, as well as how they handle them. 

Thanks to these interactions, we could present ourselves as a trusted option for these companies (as they seek to scale their businesses), since we are better equipped to offer tailored solutions in hardware, Internet of Things, prototyping, and firmware.

Services that we provide in the US and other countries

As we love innovation and constant growth, we love to create new devices and solutions that contribute to meeting the needs of people. 

Our experience of over 3 years in the market creating solutions for clients in the US, Canadá, Spain, and Latin America has led us to design and develop cutting edge products.

These are the services we provide in the US and abroad:

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