Open Source Thermal Camera – TermoDeep

Solution for real-time measurement of body temperature

Access control for buildings, offices, and factories.

TermoDeep can measure temperatures between 30° to 45° degrees Celsius. It doesn’t require contact for measurement. Easy installation, plug and play. 1-year warranty.



Open Source Thermal Camera – TermoDeep

What is it?

TermoDeep is a product that allows real-time measurement of body temperature. This product can be used to control access to buildings, offices, and factories.


TermoDeep datasheet.

Technical features

  • Standard color map.
  • 30 degree FOV (field of view) standard thermal lens.
  • Thermal image resolution of 80×80.
  • Automatic shutter.
  • 5Mpx optical lens; resolution of 2560×1920.
  • Point of measurement 1 to 3 meter.
  • Universal adapter for standard tripod.
  • Size: 18 cm length x 6.8 cm width x 10.2 cm height (S2).