DeepDeck – open source macropad

This is an open source macropad, created by DeepSea Developments. You can customize its functions and connect it to your favorite device or software.

Why get the DeepDeck programmable macropad?

If your focus is productivity, either you are a maker, a freelancer, or a developer, the goal of DeepDeck is to help you go faster in the programs you use via macros or shortcuts (like in Photoshop, Autodesk, Altium, etc), but also to track tasks, time, use the Pomodoro Technique, etc.

Key Features of the open source macropad

  • Wi-fi connection.
  • Bluetooth connection.
  • Battery powered.

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DeepDeck – A fully Programmable Open Source Macropad

What is DeepDeck?

DeekDeck is an opensource 4×4 mechanical keys macropad.

Technical characteristics:

– 4×4 interchangeable (hot swap) mechanical keys
– RGB LEDs on each key
– 2 rotary encoders with button
– 2 additional RGB leds on top of the encoders for additional feedback
– Expand ports to integrate other sensors (like gesture sensor)
– OLED 64×128 screen.
– Integrated wifi and bluetooth (with ESP32)
– Wireless functionality (Bluetooth and battery powered)



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