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Empowering elderly care: Introducing our smart pill dispenser for families and physicians.


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Customer challenge

They needed an allied hardware team to support them. They were looking for high skills in electrical and electronics, so they could focus on their core business of industrial and mechanical engineering.

Our solution

We developed firmware and software for a modular and intuitive system with an LCD screen, touch screen, a control system based on Raspberry (peripheral control: audio, LCD, remote control) and Arduino (control of motors and actuators of the system) that works with batteries.

Understanding the product's edge

A product that reminds its users to take their pills at specific times of the day. This enhances the patient’s experience with their treatment.

Where is the edge on this product?

It lies in its ability to enhance medication adherence and improve the overall patient experience. Providing timely reminders, personalized scheduling, and user-friendly interfaces reduces missed doses, enhances health outcomes, and minimizes the cognitive burden of medication management. Additionally, features like integration with health systems and additional educational resources further distinguish it from competitors.

What the customer said

Ken Tarlow

Tarlow Designs

"We had worked with engineers who were not able to accomplish the scope or times of the projects. We found a long-term partner in DeepSea who supports us with advice and hassle-free cooperation."

Unlocking medication mastery with every dose, our pill dispenser empowers seamless health management.

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