Parking Lot System

Smart Parking

This parking lot system detects available parking spaces on the streets. Users can see the status of parking spaces in an area displayed on the App. 


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parking lot system

Customer challenge

Developing a patentable smart parking technology that allows them to create a business model for smart cities around the world.

Our solution

A prototype of a parking lot monitoring system to be used in smart cities, with radar and ultrasonic system, atmel microcontrollers, and machine learning on google cloud.

Understanding the product's edge

The Rumbo Parking Module is the most cost-effective and advanced parking lot technology available on the market. This solution transforms existing parking poles into intelligent terminals that continuously update and transmit live parking vacancy data to the cloud for users, which will see dynamic vacant/occupied spots as they drive, allowing the driver to make alternative parking decisions and/or change routes in advance.

Where is the edge on this product?

We have developed an innovative, intelligent and wireless parking ecosystem using solar power to deploy, manage and centralize vehicle parking for large cities.


  • Eliminating the need to drive around until an available parking space is found.
  • Less pollution, as 30% CO2 emissions come from cars looking for parking.
  • No wiring or external energy sources are required for our devices.
  • Non-invasive and quick installation to any parking pole, light post or even a wall from nearby buildings.
  • Unlimitedly scalable.


  • Vehicle detection up to 23 feet with clutter Recognition capabilities.
  • No Gateways or repeaters
  • Easily integrable to preexisting parking platforms
  • Immensely scalable. There is no limit to how many devices
    can be added to the network.

What the customer said

Carmine Marcarella

CEO Rumbo Mobile

"Nick and his team were very reliable and productive to get our prototype ASAP, so we could do our patent process earlier and start pilots with prospects right away."

This parking lot system effectively monitors and controls available spaces citywide, improving traffic flow and reducing air pollution.

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