What is smart city?

what is smart city?

A smart city refers to a place that uses IoT technology and data to improve the quality of life for its residents, increase efficiency of resources, displacement, and sustainability. IoT is important here because it contributes to building smart cities that deliver a better living environment.

Characteristics of a smart city

Let’s see some characteristics of having Internet of Things in a smart city:

1.Citizen engagement:

IoT for smart cities
prioritize the involvement of citizens in decision making, and also, provides them with access to information and services through technology. As a result of this engagement, there is an increase in the quality of life, since the residents feel more connected to the different aspects of the city.

More engagement means taking care of the resources. People won’t avoid suggesting changes or improvements in certain areas of the city. Thanks to their engagement, IoT technologies will be very appreciated and used for good improvements.


Smart cities, along with the use of IoT devices, have the capacity to be more sustainable. How? Thanks to IoT for smart cities, the utilities companies and other businesses in charge of the city’s operations can enhance their processes to reduce waste, have a better control on energy consumption, and finally, reduce pollution by enhancing traffic (see fleet tracking device).


Citizens can know in real time what are the conditions of the traffic, trash bins, and water and energy consumption levels. The community can rely on data to make informed decisions, and contribute to the improvement of the city with their actions.

There must be good networks that guarantee people receive the same information at the same time, and that way, there can be collaboration and good synchronization in the actions taken.


With the help of artificial intelligence and IoT, new technologies can be developed, or new strategies can be implemented to ensure all citizens make the best use of the city’s infrastructure.

Why are smart cities important?

Smart cities are crucial for today’s society. With the exponential growth of population and less natural resources out there, it is necessary to look for new ways to make cities more sustainable and efficient.

Smart cities can help in energy and water consumption, as well as reducing pollution. On the other hand, there can be better urban planning. Thanks to IoT sensors and devices installed throughout the city, the best places for building new houses can be identified. How? By crossing all data regarding soil conditions, traffic issues, and business distribution around the city.

The people in charge of urban planning can analyze the data collected by the IoT sensors, and propose the best solution for building eco-friendly homes, not only for the sake of the soil, but also for the sake of natural resources consumption.

Another benefit of the Internet of Things in a smart city has to do with safety. Thanks to the use of cameras, sensors, home security systems, and smart buildings, a great network of analytics can be built in real time to alert authorities if there is a crime in progress, and the police can act immediately to guarantee the safety of the citizens.

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