What is IoT Azure?

what is IoT Azure?

IoT Azure is a set of cloud-based services provided by Microsoft. These services allow organizations or companies to build, deploy, and manage Internet of Things solutions. These services are part of the Azure Cloud Platform, and they are designed to help companies to take advantage of the IoT by providing a comprehensive set of tools for connecting, managing, and analyzing IoT devices and data.

The importance of IoT has grown to such an extent that many services are being offered around cloud-based platforms.

What services does IoT Azure offer?

They have different services that can be used for building IoT solutions, for example:

Azure IoT Hub: This service is specially designed for allowing safe communication between IoT devices and their applications. It also offers an extension from cloud solution to edge location.

Azure IoT Central: This is an API that easily facilitates the connection and management of devices at high scale. It brings a complete analytics dashboard to analyze every data collected by the IoT products.

Azure IoT Edge: This is a service that allows IoT devices to run cloud-based logic, and AI locally, this with the intention of reducing the need for constant communication with the cloud.

This ensures that the cloud expenses are optimized, and also, devices will react faster to local changes, even when they have been disconnected for long periods of time.

Azure Machine Learning: This service allows data scientists to build, deploy, and manage machine learning models in the cloud. Thanks to this, this service can be used to analyze IoT data and make predictions according to all collected information.

Azure Stream Analytics: This service allows companies to process and analyze real-time data streams from different sources at the same time: IoT devices, sensors, websites, social networks, and more applications.

This is very important for IoT analytics, since it enhances the decision making process.

Azure Event Hubs: This service is a platform for big data streaming, and can process millions of events per second. Among the aspects that can be monitored are: Live dashboards, transaction processing, application logging, and anomaly detection.

Azure Cosmos DB: It is a NoSQL database for fast and modern app development. Among its main features, there is the possibility for automatic management, updates and patching.

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