What is IoT AWS?

What is IoT AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, it is an IoT cloud platform offered by Amazon. It allows companies to connect and manage all kinds of IoT devices (meaning of IoT) that have connectivity features, and also, people or companies can access all data these products collect to analyze it, and solve any problems that arise in the company.

IoT with AWS

It is clear now that AWS IoT provides a set of services that help companies to securely connect and manage IoT devices at scale, process and analyze IoT data, and build IoT applications. Some of the key services that are offered by IoT AWS include:

1.AWS IoT Core:

This service is for connecting devices with ease, also, it allows products to interact with each other in a secure way. AWS IoT Core supports billions of devices and trillions of messages.

This service is really good because it guarantees a reliable and secure transmission of data between AWS endpoints and IoT devices.

2.AWS IoT Analytics:

This service allows companies to process and analyze IoT data. They have a set of tools for cleaning, filtering, and transforming IoT data, as well as for running complex analytics on the information collected. (Learn here about IoT analytics)

3.AWS IoT Greengrass:

This service allows devices to integrate AWS so they can perform locally with their own generated information. They are still in the capacity of connecting to the cloud for analytics, management, and storing information.

One of the interesting features of this service is that it allows devices to transmit certain data back to the cloud. It can also connect to third-party applications, on-premises software, and out-of-the-box AWS services.

4.AWS IoT Things Graph:

This IoT cloud service allows companies to build IoT applications by connecting different devices and services together.

It provides a visual drag-and-drop interface for building IoT applications with ease, so you can build your application as fast as possible.

AWS IoT can be used to build a wide range of IoT applications and services. For example, think of smart home systems, applications for smart cities, predictive maintenance, and many others.

By using AWS for IoT devices, companies can get the necessary scalability, security, and flexibility they need to build and deploy IoT solutions at scale.

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