What are IoT devices?

what are IoT devices?

If you already know the IoT definition, we can go a little further and explain to you that IoT devices are products or pieces of hardware that contain sensors, electronics, chips, and other components that have the capacity to collect certain data, and send it wirelessly to a specific network.

The internet of things devices (also known as IoT hardware) are used in different businesses such as security, entertainment, fitness, healthcare, industry, and agriculture.

What are the devices for IoT?

Usually, IoT devices are the products that can connect to the internet and gather interesting information. Does it mean a cellphone is an IoT device? No. IoT devices are products that can collect specific data, or interact with other objects for specific functions.

For instance, TVs didn’t have internet connection 20 years ago, but now, it is very difficult to imagine a TV without the capacity to connect to the web, play a movie, have a video call, or share your favorite pics from your phone to the TV screen. There you have an example of an IoT device.

There are medical devices being developed to work as IoT hardware. The idea of these products is to provide information to doctors and nurses about a patient. This is very useful since it brings great advantages for healthcare.

We have developed IoT devices for healthcare, one of them is a pill dispenser that alerts the patients when it is time to take a certain medicine.
There are way more IoT devices examples in daily life that can give you an idea of how IoT devices are being used in different markets.
You can find more IoT devices in the following markets:

  • Retail
  • Water management
  • Industry (check the industrial IoT applications)
  • Hospitals
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Energy management
  • Environment
  • Waste management
  • Consumer electronics
  • Fitness
  • Home appliances

How do IoT devices work?

To put it in simple terms, Internet of Things devices need 4 important components in order to work properly. They need IoT sensors, good programming of the different protocols to guarantee connectivity, the ability to process data, and an user interface that allows them to gather and analyze the data.

Of course, there are more elements to take into account, like the good design of your product (or good prototype examples) to convince your potential investors or customers to believe in your project. The features you want to offer, and the security of the IoT device.

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