Are free public electric vehicle charger stations a bad business idea?

free public EV charger station

Electric vehicles are the new center of attention of automotive companies, and people love them since they don’t harm the environment.

The electric vehicle industry is still evolving in its production processes, and continues growing. There are many companies producing trackers and smart devices that complement electric vehicles. According to Forbes, “Today, EVs represent less than half a percentage of the global vehicle fleet. But BloombergNEF predicts that by 2040, EVs will account for more than half of all passenger and light commercial vehicles sales. Optimists argue that this is an underestimation.”

Electric vehicles are expensive, in part because their components and different aspects related to its functionality require new technologies and a lot of work. For example, charging stations need a lot of investment and specialized hardware teams to handle them. If they belong to a specific electric vehicle company, they will receive maintenance. However, when the charging stations are free, the picture is a little different.

Find out in the next video the pros and cons of free public electric vehicle charger stations and how they can affect the functionality of electric vehicles.

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