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  • The Manifest Names Deepsea Developments as a Most Reviewed Software Development Company in Colombia.
  • Our customers’ reviews and feedback made this recognition a possibility.
  • We will continue developing great software and IoT solutions.

When Deepsea Developments began, our main goal was to help businesses with their digital transformation, prototyping, and building scalable solutions. Our team aims to be there from when the idea is formed until the product is ready to market.

Though we are mostly known for it, we provide more than prototyping and hardware development services. Our efforts have been widening our horizons with the guiding hand of our clients to temper our growth.

Today, we are happy to announce that these efforts are bearing fruit as we’ve been named as one of the most reviewed and recommended software development companies in Colombia by The Manifest.

most reviewed companies in software and hardware development

The Manifest is a business guide that helps companies to find their ideal project partners by creating ranked listings of the top-performing companies in every industry. These efforts are in addition to their awards programs.

We want to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all our clients who helped this unique award become a reality for Deepsea Developments. Their efforts in writing reviews and feedback is what keeps pushing us to do even better and provide more efficient services, establish great communication and deliver outstanding results.

Thoughts on The Manifest Recognition

“It is a great honor to be featured as a Top company by Clutch. It shows our team’s passion for building great prototypes and IoT products, helping our customers to grow their sales, scale their business, and drive the digital transformation” – Nick Velásquez, CEO of DeepSea Developments.

Some of our customers have said that we are always available for them, or at least, they get a response to their doubts in a short time. The commitment of our company is to help these amazing creators to materialize their projects, and work hard to test it and deliver a great final product.

DeepSea Developments breathes innovation, it is part of our DNA. We enjoy challenges, to interact with new ideas, innovators, and guide them through a development process.

Hardware designers and developers

DeepSea Deelopments is one of the hardware development companies committed to creating Internet of Things solutions for industries like e-mobility: trackers, electric vehicle chargers, and other telematics solutions. DeepSea Developments has also designed and built solar energy devices, thermal cameras, ehealth devices, among other products for different industries (consumer electronics, wearables, and agriculture).

We count on super creative engineers that can completely understand a concept or idea from a customer (startup or entrepreneur) and make it a reality by designing and building a prototype, PCB, software, firmware development, and MVP testing. We are prepared to take on challenges and build and develop IoT projects that are viable, reliable, and successful in the long term.

Pros of working with DeepSea Developments

Our outsourcing product development services deliver great results, since we have been specializing for over 2 years in building hardware remote engineering teams that can work from any place and for any client around the world.

For many companies abroad, it is not easy to manage their projects with hardware and software developers that are not in their same country, since there may be communication barriers or other problems that may arise related to time zone differences. However, when they start working with our team, they feel like we are working inside their facilities.

We have created a unique approach that allows us to establish great communication, collaboration, and achievement of goals. We rely on passion, innovation, creativity, and teamwork to help our customers.

These are some of the services we provide:

  • Hardware – software design and development.
  • Embedded software (firmware) architecture & development.
  • Hardware project planning.
  • Hardware manufacturing.
  • Hardware prototyping.
  • PCB design.
  • Design and rendering of 2D and 3D prototype models.
  • Electronic product development.
  • IoT Product development.
  • IoT cloud development.
  • IoT software and apps development.

Contact us today and get an expert team of engineers fully committed to achieving the success you are looking for in your project. It doesn’t matter what stage of the product development you are in right now. We can help you with your project requirements.

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