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According to Comfyliving, there are around 175 million smart homes in the world. The smart home market size is expected to grow to USD 135.3 billion by 2025. Why is this market so attractive? Because the internet users and the adoption of smart devices has increased significantly.

Smart homes vs traditional homes

The traditional homes have been transformed by the adoption of new technologies. Smart homes are places that are integrated by several devices, and appliances that can be controlled from an app or phone.

Why are automated homes gaining more popularity? Because technology simplifies the life of people. They want to perform tasks faster, and to save time.

However, traditional homes are still dominant in the world. Most of the smart home products are acquired by people in developed countries. Though it is not too expensive to transform a regular house into a smart home (around USD 3,000), the culture and access to IoT devices still very limited.

There could be a bigger adoption in the future of home automation systems. As long as the IoT devices and smart home appliances reduce their prices. It depends on the development of new technologies.

Benefits of home automation

A smart home system implies that you can control many aspects of your house, such as energy, water, lights, security, entertainment, and health.

Through smart energy devices, you can save up to 50% in energy consumption, since you can control the cooling systems, the thermostat, and automate the lights to turn on or off when you are not around.

With smart water sensors installed throughout the house, you can be notified if there is a water leak and take action immediately to avoid flooding. Also, you can monitor from your smart home app what your water consumption levels are and reduce the amount of wasted water. This not only helps you save money, it also helps the planet. For example, you can install smart valves to alert you if there is a water leak in a pipe and cut off the water stream automatically.

Among the smart home devices, you can buy smart LED lights and activate them when necessary. They can be controlled by voice commands, or from your phone, set timers to turn them on or off when you are not at home.

Smart home technology allows people to be in control of security through motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and smart locks. These smart home security systems guarantee the safety of a family. Who wouldn’t want that?

Imagine that you install motion sensors on the windows, and that they will trigger any moment there is a stranger walking around your house. The surveillance cameras provide you with the ability to monitor the different areas of your house, and the inside too. If you need to check how your pets are doing, or if there is someone knocking at the door. Now you won’t need a key to open the doors to your house. You simply check from your phone who is at the entrance and use the smart lock feature to open the door.

Health can also be monitored when you have smart home systems. For example, there are smart air purifiers that measure the quality of the air inside your house, and purify it if there is a problem. Also, through air conditioning systems, you can use your home automation app to eliminate the contaminated air.

Smart home appliances and home automation

If you are able to have a system like Alexa or Google home, you can connect all your smart home appliances and activate them through these assistants.

The new home appliances allow you to automate processes like doing laundry, or vacuum the floor. Your refrigerator can also monitor your food, check its state, and send an alert to your phone if there is the need to buy milk or any other product.

As you can see, there are many gadgets and Internet of Things devices that enhance the home automation experience. You could find a lot more devices to automate your house that we didn’t mention here, such as smart smoke detectors, smart blinds,smart speakers, and wifi enhancers.

There are hundreds of devices to make a home smarter, but we think the most important aspect to keep in mind is wellness, we need to get and develop hardware and IoT products that simplify the way we live and interact at home. Do you have smart home ideas? Share them with us.

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