Product prototype and how it is developed

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You are a specialist in your field, work hard and have big dreams. You are a creator that desires to show the world the wonderful ideas that emerge in your mind. What is the next step? You are thinking of product prototype and how to develop it.

The author and speaker Tom Wujec says, “Prototyping is the conversation you have with your ideas.”

What is product prototype development?

A prototype could be seen as an invention. It is a functional real model of the business idea you want to launch into the market. There are several engineering prototypes you could create. It depends on the project you have and the industry to which you belong.

For instance, if you want to launch a tracking device along with an app, a brand new game controller, healthcare technology, or smart home devices, you need to build a prototype.

It is easier to get a product prototype design these days than it was years ago. For example, the 3D printing is a new technology that allows building working prototypes with ease using almost any material; you can use steel, nylon, resin, textiles, among others.

You have an idea that needs to be tested, and it can be done by creating a single prototype or different versions with different components. There is also the possibility to make prototypes using pick and place machines.

Technological advances have lowered prototypes’ production costs. Making it easier and faster to develop your big product idea with a hardware development company.

Why is prototyping important?

The importance of prototyping is because a product prototype opens the way to testing your device  before its launch in a specific market. Also, another reason why prototyping is important is because of the design process. A good design is necessary to ensure a product will be appealing, and perform well for your potencial clients.

If you want to succeed with your product, you need to work on product prototype development, that is, working on every aspect of it: electronic components, hardware, firmware, and materials.

When you make a prototype (or several), you can realize of the technical obstacles your project may present, as well as the best materials for the product, and manufacturing costs at high scale.

Prototype development may take hundreds of hours, but it will worth it. A startup or company is successful in time because of their high-quality products.

Considering the budget for your prototype

As an entrepreneur, it is important to consider the budget you need to develop your prototype. Sometimes that becomes an obstacle, because you may think the product prototype development of your idea will be very expensive and you prefer to wait more time. You cannot take that risk. The sooner you test your idea in the market, the bigger your results will be.

Once you contact the company that will help you with your invention, you may realize there are many options, materials and prototype design alternatives that will benefit your established budget for final production.

In this case, it is also important to know when to get product design, because the budget of the project will depend on this as well.

Why do you need a product prototype?


working prototypes to test a business idea - DeepSea Developments
Product prototype in process

Let’s say you thought of creating a new device using leather as the primary material. But then, when the prototype product development team has finished creating your first prototype, you discover this material is not so functional for what you need.

Thanks to this model and the help of the prototyping company you will redesign the concept and start again from scratch to see how it works. Once you have a good product prototype design, you will come close to the final product that will become your next big hit in the market.

Benefits of prototype product development

The prototype design shows potential failures that you didn’t see when you thought of the initial idea. When you realize something is not working in the model you created, you can immediately start a new product prototype development and repeat the process as needed until you get a functional version.

If you are going to pitch your business idea, having a prototype in your hands will be the perfect sales letter to convince any investor to meet with you and fund your project.

You can test different material combinations for your product to measure the performance and customer experience. When you get the results and necessary feedback, you will have the best benefit-cost ratio identified for the moment your product starts the mass production and enters the market.

Marketing becomes easier when the product can be touched and used because the experience becomes tangible. The prototype is the first step to get your audience excited and buy your product the moment it is ready to launch.

Another benefit of prototyping your business idea is that you can save thousands of dollars compared to the scenario where you develop your product without prototyping. Some people take the risk of developing a product straight from their initial idea, but when it reaches the market, they realize it didn’t work as planned or there wasn’t any niche for that product. The result will be a failed business idea, wasted time and money.

Your product prototype company

engineering prototypes made by DeepSea Developments

Michael S. Hyatt says, “I might hatch an idea in my comfort zone, but to bring it to reality requires bravery.” The richest CEOs of the world are inventors, they are entrepreneurs by nature, they breathe innovation, ideas, business and profits. They had an idea and acted upon it.

Whether you are the CEO of a startup or a big company, it’s time to develop your idea and turn it into a functional prototype. How can DeepSea Developments do that for you?

Our prototype development group will be glad to listen to your wonderful business idea. Then, our different engineering teams will be able to work on the prototype invention.

Systems engineering, industrial design, mechanical and electronic engineering, prototyping, all this process has the best talent and each one of them will be in constant communication with you to know how the process is going.

Your prototype product development could take days, weeks, months or years to be produced, it depends on you. Only if you decide to prototype now, you will have your great business idea changing the market and making money. If you need hardware design or IoT product development, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you have questions? Contact Us!

2 thoughts on “Product prototype and how it is developed”

  1. Thank you for mentioning that one must work on product prototype development when ensuring its success in a specific market. My brother is working on a project, but I noticed that he has way too many ideas he’s putting into one without being sure if it would work well. I should recommend looking into product prototype development in our area so he can gain better insight on what he must do to make his project successful.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is necessary to define the main features a device may have, and choose not only the best ones, but also the ones that are technically feasible (at least in the first version of the product). If you need any help, get in contact with us and our engineers may provide good insight on what ideas or features might work for this device.

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