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Real-time monitoring of health through connected devices can save lives in the event of a medical emergency such as heart failure, diabetes, asthma attacks, among others. However, it is necessary to continue expanding the technologies that can be created for this industry. And this starts with medical prototyping.

If you have an idea for a new device that can be of use for doctors, hospitals and patients, it is necessary to begin with a medical prototype, this is just one step of healthcare development services. You should consider the importance of developing your medical device, since the healthcare industry needs new developments that can bring positive and fast results to thousands of people.

Healthcare and technology

Nowadays, you can see different wearables that gather information about the people who use them. Heart rate, burned calories, body temperature, etc.

You can get a smartwatch, walk or run in the morning, and get tons of information about your results. This is something that invites people to be healthy, to take care of the food they eat, and of course, it creates a working out habit.

Take into account these devices are usually offered by cell phone companies. Of course, they get advice from specialists in health monitoring and make the wearables with the help of a hardware development companies.

You don’t need to be a smartphone company. You can contribute with your device to reduce the length of hospital stay, healthcare costs and to improve the lives of people with diseases.

For example, there is a Smart inhaler that monitors the quality of the air where the user is located, and the frequency of use because of asthma episodes. If the patient leaves the inhaler behind, it alerts the cell phone immediately. This smart medical device has been tested in over 15 clinical studies and has led to the reduction of 79% in asthma attacks.

This is the evolution of technology in benefit of healthcare.

Medical prototyping

Imagine what you could achieve by getting your medical prototype done. There are many areas where you could enter and save thousands of lives.

Some of these areas may be: tracking devices, personal health wearables, smart hospital beds, smart medical devices, air quality control, remote diagnostics, assisted living, rehabilitation, and many more.

If any of your ideas can bring benefits to one of these areas, get medical prototyping services to test your project.

Did you know there is an investigation looking forward to creating ingestible sensors to monitor molecules and gastrointestinal ailments? It may sound like science fiction, but with the advances of technology, that’s something we could see soon in the market.

If you are a pharmaceutical company or clinic, imagine creating something that you can patent and sell in any country. With the help of medical product design companies, you could develop a million dollar product.

Don’t be afraid of testing your device, think about the greater good. Even if it sounds impossible for you, let medical product design companies guide you through the process.

IoT and medical prototyping

IoT (Internet of things) is certainly a big support for medical prototyping, since it complements the functionality of the product that helps the patients. This is one of the reasons why is IoT important.

Medical device design companies take into account there are many variables the product must measure, since IoT benefits patients, families and hospitals.

Deloitte made a survey about IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), and found out this market may grow to $158 billion by 2022. IoMT is the network of medical devices connected through the internet, but also includes hardware and software.

Can you imagine being part of that market’s growth? The IoT and medical devices will continue to grow. There are many possibilities for you, for your invention. The world is adopting connectivity at a higher speed than before.

Imagine a faster diagnosis thanks to technology. Interaction between patients and doctors will improve. Also, patients will engage more with their personal care.

Who can help you to develop your medical device?

A medical device design firm is the right choice for you. It has experience in the health sector, that is, working with entrepreneurs and CEOs that are involved with healthcare.

There are many companies that create prototypes, but try to look for medical device development companies, since they understand more about how the technology works in favor of people with diseases. Also, it is most likely they can build IoT software to gather the proper data from the patients.

DeepSea Developments has worked with different companies that belong to the healthcare industry. We were involved in creating a PTSD device that helps many patients to face any crisis that may appear in the daily routine.

Do you imagine a pill dispenser that activates automatically to remember a person to take his medication? Well, DeepSea Developments created that too.

smart medical prototype created by DeepSea Developments

We provide medical device design consultancy to help you develop your idea for the healthcare market. This consultancy allows you to bring out the best from your concept. Don’t worry if you think the technology may be too expensive or difficult to get. We can look together for different solutions and materials. Our expert team has the knowledge to implement your ideas, to create impressive designs and perform proof of concept quickly.

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