7 Latin american companies at CES 2022

7 latin american companies at CES 2022
  • Companies from Colombia, Brazil and Mexico will attend the event in Las Vegas.
  • 7 Latin american companies will have the opportunity to show their developments to thousands of people.
  • Each one of these companies has special products and devices to show at the important event.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 has already given its initial signal. This Wednesday, the world’s largest technology event officially began its activities this year.

And it is a special edition, since it is the first time since 2020 that CES returns to Las Vegas and it is also the first technology fair to be held in person in the United States since the pandemic began.

CES typically has around 4,000 exhibitors each year; however, due to the growing number of infections by covid-19 due to the omicron variant, large companies canceled their attendance in person this 2022 —such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Intel and Meta— and a total of just over 2,200 exhibitors are expected.

Among those exhibitors that will have face-to-face assistance, there are companies of Latin American origin that will seek to exhibit their work and technological solutions. We present them below.

7 Latin companies at CES 2022


1. Neutonica

This is a company that sells a product called “Banda Neutonica“, which is a headband that wraps around your head to help you sleep better.

This headband provides you with total darkness, and emits very low frequency alpha waves and relaxation sounds to help people with insomnia. “Banda Neutonica” was born from the idea of ​​an 8-year-old boy in 2016 and is currently on sale to the general public.

At CES, it is located in booth 61768, on the Tech West stage, Venetian Expo location.

2. Stylos Tech

It is a company that was born in 2006 and currently sells everything from accessories for gamers to gadgets.

According to the CES exhibitor catalog, under the Xzeal brand it sells gaming accessories and under the Stylos Tech brand it offers storage items, gadgets and computer items.

At CES, it’s in booth 15882, on the Tech East stage, LVCC location.

3. Zutto Technologies

Lloyd’s, the brand of this Mexican company, sells smart home and security devices. Some of their products, such as smart bulbs, can be purchased on Amazon and are certified by Jeff Bezos’ company.

Located at CES at booth 52256, on the Tech West stage, Venetian Expo location.


4. Battle Racing

It is a Colombian startup that, according to CES, is in the category of “Phygital Entertainment”, which means that it combines the physical and digital world with entertainment. How? With the world of go karts.

Battle Racing brings the “100% real video game racing power-up experience,” according to its Instagram page. This means that they develop an experience similar to what is played in titles like Mario Kart, but in the real world.

Their booth at CES is number 63152, on the Tech West stage, Venetian Expo location.

5. DeepSea Developments

Described by CES as “an electronics development company that can help you with hardware design and development, rapid prototyping, and scalable IoT solutions.” In other words, they are a company that adapts to your needs to give you an Internet of Things solution.

Their CES booth is located at #60930, on the Tech West stage, Venetian Expo location.

6. VTA – Smart Home

As its name indicates, it is a company dedicated to technological products for smart homes. “Our vision is to innovate with products that allow families and homes to stay safe, communicated and automated,” says its website. You can find all kinds of products, from security sensors and lighting items, to cameras and TV controls.

At CES, their booth is 53429, on the Tech West stage, Venetian Expo location.


7. Flex Automation

Brazilian company that is present in more than 15 countries. CES mentions that “Flex offers from popular/simple to sophisticated/high-end solutions” to automate and make smart any type of space, from houses to skyscrapers in Brazil.

You can find their booth at CES at number 51715, on the Tech West stage, Venetian Expo location.

Source: This article was translated from a Spanish report

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