What is device management in IoT?

device management in IoT

Device management in IoT is the capacity to access, analyze, and manage the performance on any IoT device that belongs to a specific network, this is done remotely. Basically, device management in IoT helps people and companies to have better control and maintenance of IoT devices.

So, If any device connected to a network goes offline, the IoT device manager must access that device for fixing it as soon as possible and put it back online, since a disconnected product will affect the normal gathering of information (the importance of IoT).

On the other hand, fixing this device doesn’t mean the IoT device manager has to go to the physical place to do the work, that’s one of the benefits of device management in IoT, since the manager can work on the device from any place, and no matter where it is located.

Benefits of device management in IoT

As an alternative that helps to have better control and supervision, IoT remote device management has several benefits, we want to share with you some of them:

Remote device management:

As described in this article, device management in IoT allows organizations to access remotely to any Internet of Things product that belongs to them; Whether it is to execute security actions, to constantly update software, or to solve possible issues.

Reduces development time:

Device management in IoT
 also helps to configure and roll up connected devices, allowing you to execute the networks quickly. Also, IoT devices management makes future implementations easier with meaningful reduction of time and effort.

A good firmware company ensures that IoT devices are stable in their different features.

Devices are organized hierarchically:

This is one of the best advantages of managing IoT devices, because IoT devices can be organized in groups and hierarchies, in order to control the access permissions of each one. Since some of them could be gathering sensitive information that can’t be accessed by anyone in a company or organization.

IoT device management platforms

There are certain platforms for IoT device management, they are in charge of allowing companies to keep a good control and management of their hardware:

Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service: As we know, Oracle is one of the most recognized brands that implements and manages IoT, and it is one of the IoT device management platforms that provides safe diagnostics data. Some key features of Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service include:

  • Prevention of unauthorized asset movements.
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate device failures and perform repairs.

AWS IoT Device Management Overview: Another interesting IoT device management platform is this software solution from Amazon Web Services (AWS). They deliver support for monitoring and managing connected devices 100% remotely.

We hope you liked this article about management of IoT devices. It is an important topic that will ensure your organization operates without problems.

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