Innovation solutions to face chip scarcity

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The chip scarcity the world is facing right now has affected many industries. Experts say this could last until 2023. The thing is, companies cannot stand still while this happens. Innovation solutions can be the way to face this situation.

DeepSea Developments is bringing its innovation engineering team to a new level. We love to explore new ideas, and we innovate all the time to help your product or device be attractive in the market.

Innovation of technology

Thomas A. Edison said, “There’s a way to do it better, find it”. This is a perfect example of innovation. While many companies suffer because they can’t get enough chips to build their products, there are startups thinking on how to make innovative chips, or how to reduce the number of physical components used in hardware.

According to Peggy Carrieres, VP of global sales development at Avnet, “Their proposal is to give software more functions that had historically been done in hardware.” Is it possible? Only time will tell.

Companies are trying to find better ways to do things. Innovation solutions will help many companies survive these difficult times.

On the other hand, IBM is developing the first 2nm chip of the world. According to the New York Times, “Volkswagen said last week that it would develop its own processor to manage autonomous driving.”

Companies need to work on the innovation of technology. They could hire a hardware development company to help them redesign their products, or try to invest on research and development inside their facilities to create new products.

Innovation of technology is not an easy task for companies. That’s why they usually look for innovation centers or labs to help them redesign. Since it is something necessary to keep being competitive.

Innovation vs Invention

Some people get confused between innovation and invention. Innovation means you can change some aspects of an existing device or product to give it new features or uses. On the other hand, an invention is the creation of a new product or device, something that never existed before.

Taking this into account, companies nowadays need to look for innovation processes and invention of new devices to grow their productivity.

DeepSea Developments and product innovation

Get product innovation with DeepSea Developments

DeepSea Developments is a company that moves fast, because we know techonology is in constant evolution. Our expert team cares deeply for product innovation when providing outsourced product development.

DeepSea Developments’ innovation engineering team is building new PCB and hardware, and not only that, we build different plans; plan A, B and C. This allows us to react quickly to the supply and demand of chips and different components for the development of devices. Having different options is a must for delivering great results to our customers.

Time is crucial these days, that’s why we specialize in quick proof of concept, and soft prototyping phase. This shows fast what options could be implemented in existing devices that need to be upgraded due to the chip shortage situation.

During the last months, we have been receiving phone calls and requirements from different customers that need quick innovation solutions.

For example, a company was having problems because they needed to manufacture around 6 thousand units of his product by the end of 2020. However, they were told chips would be delivered in two parts; half 2021 and the other one by 2022. This company couldn’t afford this situation, so they contacted DeepSea Developments.

Their product needed innovation in order to be manufactured with new components. Then, we redesigned part of the hardware, changed two chips of their products for others available in the market. This change affected the memory storage of the device a little, however, we made some adjustments by upgrading the hardware and the inclusion of a new external memory to expand the capacity.

The result was satisfactory, the device will remain working as it would with the original chip. While his competitors may be having production problems because of the chip supply problem, our client can continue mass producing his device and won’t lose money.

If you need innovation solutions for your product or device, count on DeepSea Developments to help you out.

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