Benefits of embedded hardware development for your device

Embedded hardware development with DeepSea Developments

In this article, you will know what embedded hardware is, and how its correct development can enhance the performance of your device. Whether it’s a simple or complex technology, you need to value the importance of embedded hardware development.

What is embedded hardware?

Embedded hardware is something we can usually find in devices such as TV remote controllers, calculators and digital cameras. It is important since it allows the product to work properly. These products can deliver good results because of the system they have integrated.

Before we go further, you need to know its definition. An embedded hardware, also known as embedded system, is a small computer that is part of a bigger device or system. It consists of a built-in microprocessor or microcontroller and a software, together they are the brain of a certain device. Without this embedded hardware, the device won’t work and will be useless.

For example, if you as a kid ever played with remote control cars. You may remember it comes with a control that is used to move the car to the left, right, forward, and backward. Both the car and the remote control have an embedded hardware that makes it possible to function together, however, the tasks the car can perform are limited. You could even build your own remote control car.

Kids are curious, and we suppose at some moment you tried to control another friend’s RC car with your remote control. Most likely, it didn’t work. Why? Because every remote control has a unique programming made by a hardware and software company. That explains why a remote controller for TV can’t control a TV of another brand you have in your house. The model of the TV and the brand have a unique embedded hardware that works only for that model. Maybe if you buy another TV of the same brand and model, one remote could control both.

Hardware and software design

When creating a new device, you need to consider how many tasks it will perform. Its complexity is not a problem, since the technology has advanced a lot and it allows the creation of the most advanced devices for different industries.

The first smartphones we could find in the market didn’t have a lot of storage capacity or battery performance for long days of work. Now, the needs of people and companies have required new smartphones to include big storage capacities and long-life performing batteries.

So, you need to be careful with the product you want to build. The hardware and software design must be well taken care of from the beginning of your project. Because if you want to add an upgrade or a new functionality in the future, you need to think if those new features will affect the original design of your product. The embedded hardware design firm has to know all the tasks you want the device to perform, and add them from the beginning to save possible additional design and development costs in the future.

Hardware and software development

embedded hardware development with DeepSea Developments

The hardware and software developments are not usually programmed by a user, this is usually carried out with the help of embedded software consultancy. While the embedded hardware development needs the assistance of a company that specializes in that service, the software or firmware that controls it can be upgraded by the user or owner of the device; you can hire our hardware development company to build a great device for you.

For example, the smartphones come with an integrated firmware that was developed by the manufacturer. You cannot modify the microprocessor or microcontroller, since it requires special knowledge. However, you can upgrade the firmware of the cell phone, because the company that made the phone releases updates to improve the performance of the device.

Embedded hardware development benefits

Embedded hardware development brings some benefits for your project:

  • Due to the limited number of functions, it means the embedded hardware is not expensive to design and build.
  • Software hardware development services are faster to carry out since you don’t need to change the whole device. You only need to upgrade specific features.
  • You can use cheap processors for your embedded hardware, and they perform greatly.
  • Embedded hardware tends to require less power. Some of them use batteries.

As you can see, embedded hardware development helps you save money, it is easy to upgrade, and you can consider many options in the market to use in your device. Having the possibility to upgrade your device using embedded hardware development services will allow your product to stay up to date in the market. That’s why you see several phones from different years that are still used nowadays. They may not have the best hardware, camera or velocity, but the firmware updates they receive keep the phones functional along with the new apps that are developed every day.

It is worth mentioning that the industry for embedded hardware development is growing fast thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, deep learning, IoT (Internet of Things) and Virtual Reality. These advances allowed us to build a new portable charger for EVs with better security, faster and with cloud connectivity.

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