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Today we want to share a short unboxing video of the great resin 3D printer from Creality. A brand that has been recognized as one of the best 3D printer producers under the price of $500.

A 3D printer is something that fascinates many people nowadays, since there are countless objects that can be printed with them.

Advantages of using a resin 3D printer

Resin 3D printers offer interesting features that make them more interesting compared to FFF (fused filament fabrication) 3D printing:

  • They are silent when operating
  • The quality of the products are higher compared to FFF 3D printing.
  • Not only polymers can be used, also ceramics.
  • Resin 3D printers are small and can be placed on a desk.
  • Objects produced in these 3D printers have great resolution

Using a resin 3D printer

To be able to print your own model, you need to follow 3 steps: 1. Design the model; 2. Slicing; 3. printing.

  1. You need to have a model that you want to print. You can design it using CAD software. There are many options to choose from. Another option is to download the models, there are plenty of free 3D models online.
    Some websites where you could find free 3D models are:
  2. Slice your model. This step is important, since you will have to use a software that will tell the 3D printer what to do with the model.
  3. Print. Once you have completed the first steps, it’s time to see your model in real life. You can use either an SD card or USB card to print.

Check out the unboxing we did of this awesome device:

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